Safe sex ad for Granny

I’ve been LMAO at this ad.

It’s one of those WTF were these idiots thinking moments. Safe Sex is a serious subject but these photos are unintentionally hilarious.

I didn’t even realize old people were this flexible. :stuck_out_tongue:

No nudity. Everybody has their clothes on. Thank goodness. :smiley:

I can’t believe nobody, the photographer, the paid models spoke up and said this is just stupid. It must of been awkward posing these shots.

You’re right about the funny!

I think it’s hilarious. Well done.

I’ve got pretty decent sense of humour, but these aren’t funny; they’re denigrating somehow.

It implies that there’s something funny, or wrong, or strange about old(er) people enjoying sex.

I don’t get it.

Oyy! I think I threw out my lumbago!

I was laughing at the silliness of the photos in general.

Those same photos with 30 year old models would still be awkward and badly thought out.

A massive fail as an ad idea.

I’m pretty sure they’re intentionally humorous.

From the link:

Bolding mine

I disagree.

My sex life suddenly seems very boring. :frowning:

You’re dating the wrong age group.

There’s something funny about old people in those types of goofy sex positions. You don’t expect old people to do stuff like slam dunk a basketball, do a drive-by shooting, get into barfights, do a reverse-cowgirl sex position, or snort cocaine off a hooker’s ass. Those things all have in common the fact that they’re usually things young people do, not senior citizens. Seeing an old person do any of those things would be pretty funny.

Not so funny when you get a little older. I hope I’m not too old for reverse-cowgirl or snorting cocaine off a hooker’s ass. On the other hand, I gave up basketball years ago.

The one with the guy getting a reach-around cracked me up.

Somehow I feel they are missing a certain something. Maybe it would work better if the clothes came off?

I’ve been waiting to say this ever since those telephone marketing surveys started hanging up on me when I told them my age.

They don’t care what you think. You are not the target demographic.

I see older people in good health all the time who can do most of what they could earlier in life, although more deliberately. Then can jog, bike, swim and have sex. I watched my 89 year old lady neighbor walk over to an upholstered chair and one-step up without any support like a teenager. The numbers and ability dwindle greatly, but they are still out there.

It’s the same reason that this video is amusing. It’s unexpected and frankly, if it grabs people’s attention and makes them use condoms so much the better. I’ve been treating too many seniors with newly diagnosed STDs lately.

As someone who is often annoyed by how the sound doesn’t always match the video, I am amused by the sound change as the guitarist, while playing a solo, jumps in the water (about 1:45). Gurgle!

I would have done it differently:

  1. Totally serious.

  2. Nobody under 75.

  3. No clothes. And yes, you can find seniors (especially models) with great bodies.

  4. Include same-sex couples. Why is that treated like a different message?

  5. No obvious simulation.

  6. Totally different music. Think slo-mo with ballet music.

  7. If you want humor, include things like walkers and hernia belts. And why are none of them wearing life-alerts?

Its not so much the clothes on with the simulated sex that bothers me…its the HATS.