Safe Sex Get Paid WTF?

Ok. I know that this is a scam. But like, what would I get if I sent them $19.95?

Enquiring minds . . .

Looks to me like a pornstar recruitment site.

You’d get screwed.


Assuming there’s even a trace of legitimacy, I’d bet it’s some sort of sperm studies. Your “safe sex” involves a porn magazine and a specimin jar.

Of course, all these studies have already begun by the time you find out about them, so the best they can do is put you on a list assuming there’s any follow-up study. And if you’re a smoker, drug user, ever had an STD, etc. etc., you probably don’t even qualify for the study.

Well, this is basically the PaidOpinions scam with a more prurient appeal, isn’t it?

On the face of it, you pay twenty bucks and get a booklet advising you to look through the classifieds for paid gigs as a research subject, which isn’t a viable way to make a buck, and certainly no way to get your rocks off.

According to the Better Business Bureau, they’re not satisfied with leaving it at that misleading but more-or-less honest come-on:

Which would explain why the website says:

Sounds like a scam to me.

Actually I made quite a lot of money off being a research subject in college - anywhere between $500 - $2000 per study, while restricting myself to studies I felt to be very safe (they have to tell you possible dangers ahead of time). I couldn’t have paid the rent this way, as these studies don’t come up that often, but I was making probably ~$300/month spending money. The key is that, being a college student, I had a flexible schedule, the willingness to travel all over NYC, and (ahem!) an admirable physique for obesity-related studies.

I did eventually get screwed by a study (at a extrememly reputable institution) which didn’t accurately represent the amount of time or pain involved. While it didn’t do me any lasting damage, I was at that time close to graduating, so I stopped the process. I also wrote a long letter to their human subjects committee, which I sincerely hope closed that rat-bastard’s study down.