Salvia Divinorum?

What is salvia divinorum? I heard it feels like tripping on acid without the visuals. How does this stuff work and why is it legal?;j

Salva Divinorum, also known as Diviner Sage.
It’s legal in Australia because it’s not prohibited- the only things which are illegal to eat are 1. protected species (eg magic mushrooms) and 2. things which are specifically prohibited (eg cannabis, LSD, etc)

I tried some and it did absolutely nothing!
As for what the active compound is, you might want to check out a toxicology manual/book of poisinous plants.

IMO, it’s still legal because it’s unpleasant. You have to smoke a lot very quickly to have any real effects, and the taste is quite awful - like eating a hedge.

It’s hard to describe the effects, like any drug, but to me it was like I had just woken up and had no idea what was going on (cf. the “intentionally passing out” thread). The stuff takes effect immediately - as soon as I set down the salvia water pipe, I had the feeling that I just just sat up from a deep sleep. My roommates were looking at me, and I thought they were expecting something of me, but I didn’t know what it was or even who they were.

I didn’t experience any impressive visual effects. Outlines seemed more noticable, like patterns in the carpet, but not really distorted. Much more noticable was the sweating… it was like I was in a sauna.

I don’t think I’ll be doing it again anytime soon.

I think it’s still legal becasue it’s uncommon and not too many people start talking about it on on-line message boards so no one’s bothering targeting it. SHHH! Jesus!
Like acid without the visuals? Um. . .I’ve heard it’s a short trip (5 minutes) to the happy mushroom elf cloud lands where plants have serious discussions with you about your ethics. Never tried it, though. A close friend tried it and the plant, apparently, told her she wasn’t emotionally ready for it. But as far as the trip, it sounds more like mescaline than acid-- something completely engaging and not to be jumped into trivially. Like falling back onto your back and drooling sort of engaging.
Phraser, aren’t you supposed to smoke it?

Ah, I talked to a friend who’d tried it, and said “It’s more visionary than visual if that makes any sense. It’s less like ‘and then dude the trees looked just like dragons’ and more like ‘then after circling the planet for ten thousand years in the red rubber liferaft, the alien forest spirits came and brought me into a clearing in the woods and flayed my skin from my bones and offered me tea.’ Traditionally it’s been used for the visions and link to the spirit world. It has little appeal to most modern people which is probably why they don’t bother making it illegal. It’s pretty fickle in who it talks to. Basically, it’s one of the furthest things from a party drug that can be imagined.”

I tried it and experienced a very strong trip, similar to magic mushrooms, for about 5-10 minutes. I was completely amazed, and somewhat outside myself. When I laid down, I felt electricty start at my feet and slowly move through my entire body, unlike anything I had ever experienced.

Don’t try it without an educated ‘guide’ because you could easily hurt yourself or others, even if you consider yourself an experienced drug user.

I bought it last August in Key West, FL at a shop right on the main drag and they assured me it was completely legal, but expressed caution against using it public, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

They had different levels of concentration, such as 1x, 3x, 5x and 10x potency. I think it would be hard to smoke enough of the 1x to experience what I experienced.

Like **Mr2001[/b[, I also don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon.

The best that I can explain it (with first hand knowledge) is like all your acid trips times ten in the span of five minutes. I should mention though that I usually get visuals with acid but I don’t with Salvia. Also, if your going to use it, do some reading first. If you don’t smoke it properly it won’t work. Like someone else said, a lot very quickly, and the whole time your inhaling you gotta keep the flame on it. You can’t just smoke the cherry. Also, if your gonna buy it, go for the 5X or 10X. Higher cost, but you only have to take 3 or 4 puffs to get a real good trip. One more thing. If you do it and that trip hits you harder then you were ready for, take a look at a clock and remember that in 5 to 10(max) minutes you’ll be sober again.

It was made illegal in Australia in June 2002 I believe.

Like others have said, it definitely does work. Not really the most pleaseant stuff, be very strong indeed.

How about:

US Department of Justice

Legal now…but I wonder if that will eventually change. Unfortunately, there are some jerks out there actively marketing Salvia as a “Legal Marijuana Alternative” & aiming that message to youths. So, it’s only a matter of time until some teenager takes it, does something stupid & ends up in the hospital. Then we’ll have to endure a gazillion hysterical “Eyewitness News” commercials: “A drug more powerful than LSD…and its legal!!!”.

As for the plant itself, as others have stated–definitely NOT a “party drug”. It’s been used by Indians in Mexico in healing rituals for a long time. And as opposed to smoking it, they roll the leaves up into quids, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed in the mouth. This method give a more gentle & longer-lasting experience.

It’s not for the casual “partier”. But if you’re especially receptive to alternative modes of perception, this may be of interest. I know this line of thinking doesn’t go over well on this board–but plants such as this do give you the impression that nature itself is a conscious entity & and is ready and willing to dialog with us hairless monkeys…

capybara i tried it as a tea, in cookies and smoked it too.
it did nothing any way i tried it :frowning: but i have spoken to a friend who uses it in shamanistic rituals, and i think that this may have been because i used it in the wrong situations
scotth you’re probably right… i know it was legal when i tried it, but that was 2 years ago now.

If it didn’t do anything, you didn’t do enough, what you had wasn’t what was claimed, or you didn’t do it right.

If it worked, you would have ZERO doubt. Your ability to process outside information pretty much comes to a halt, the physical sensation is very difficult to describe but there are common themes to it.

  1. Strong feeling of someone/something with you.
  2. You and the world is melting, and more specific, you are melting into your surrounds.
  3. That melting feeling can be accompanied with or replaced by an electric tinkle that tends to sweep to your center from the extremeties.


That was supposed to be electric tingle… but I guess tinkle is even better.

Only had one electric tinkle in my life. Spent alot of time growing up on a farm and actually did manage to pee on an electric fence once. In my own defense… The fence was nearly always turned off, so I didn’t really pay much attention to the fact that it ran through the shrubs I was watering. Suffice it to say, that ONE electric tinkle is enough for anyone. That is a mistake that will never be repeated.

I saw a cow do that once. If anyone ever tells you a cow can’t jump six feet straight up… they would be wrong:).

NP: Kotipelto - Waiting for the Dawn


Per Australia scheduling Salvia:

Schedule 9 – New entries
3,4,4B,7,9,10,10A-SEPTAHYDRO-3-(4-FURANYL)- 2,1-NAPHTHO[4,3-

Schedule 9 is Australia’s most restrictive schedule.

This is in this… November 2001 recommendations:

This was intended to go into effect in June 2002. I don’t know if it actually has or not though.

There is some good factual information in this thread, which is what we’re all about. We certainly allow discussions of pharmacology and legality. But the factual questions, I think, have largely been answered. However, the discussion of personal experiences with the substance is proably not something we really want here, even though Salvia divinorum is not illegal in the U.S. After consulting with an administrator, I have decided to close this thread.

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