Effects of salvia divinorum

Has anyone here ever smoked salvia? (AFAIK this is legal in most of Canada and the U.S.) What were the effects like?

My source (of information, ya deviant) chews it. He says it provides a very mild “trip,” expands his sense of connection to the world, enhances his memory, and has made his stock market analysis three times as accurate.


If there’s a drug that can do that, how can it possibly be illegal?!

As always, start at Erowid. The Experience Vault is just that.

I have smoked it, although that was before someone told me to chew it instead (haven’t gotten enough of the fresh leaves to try this method, which is 15-20 leaves rolled into a ball and chewed for 15 minutes).

When I smoked it, I was frankly rather disappointed. It was a gigglefit for about 5 minutes. That was it. Nature’s Nitrous, I guess you could say.

I’d like to try it orally to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

And yes, it’s still legal in the US - for now.

I smoked it a couple times. The first was absolutely amazing, but it actually didn’t kick in until after we also smoked weed and took nitrous. (I knew it was salvia because I was very familiar with nitrous and that batch of weed and they didn’t cause it.) It was terrifying, but in a great way. I lived several thousands of lives, from birth to death, and took the knowledge I learned in each life into the next one. I was all kinds of people from all walks of life and all different occupations, and it was absolutely fascinating.

All the other times I did it (always smoked), it either did nothing at all or was just really unpleasant. I’ve had the “salvia space” experience you may have heard of, which is where you try to go to a different room to “get out of” the salvia’s effects. Nowhere near as bad as some people get it, but I had it once.

Salvia’s worth trying if it’s legal where you are and you’re an experienced druggy with other experienced druggies, but prepare to be disappointed; it’s very fickle and it’s one of the world’s most intense psychedelics when it does work. And if you do smoke it, use a water pipe.

WhyNot, how you doin’?

About 4 months ago I was preparing a presentation for our local Tough Love group about “legal highs”. My youngest son has been in recovery & clean of any drugs for almost 2 years and told me that of all the f*cked up drugs he did, the one that gave him the most insane experience was Salvia! He told me that he did it 3 times without using any other substance at the same time, and that it scared the living shit out of him every time. The last time he did it the carpet in his apartment ripped itself up off the floor and attacked him. That was enough to get him to quit. His girlfriend smoked the exact same stuff and experienced no such effect.

You say tomahto, I say tomato, I guess.

I’ve done it. There’s a trick though. In order for it to work, it needs to be VERY hot. When you smoke a normal pipe, you light it as you inhale and then move the flame away and continue to inhale the smoke from the burning substance. With salvia you have to leave the lighter on the substance the entire time. It’s hot and dry and harsh, but that’s what it takes. As for what it compare to…
If you’ve taken acid, imagine taking several hits and once. Now imagine the peak of the trip. Salvia, is like going from sober, to the peak of an acid trip in about 10 seconds. The high lasts about 10 minutes and then you’re back to sober* rather quickly. As pkbites said, it’s one of the more ‘f*cked up’ drugs out there, but being that it so short lived, I’d still put a good strong acid trip above it.
Whenever one of my friends would want to try it, (even the most expiecnced drug users) I always told them to look at the clock when the trip started and figure they’d be sober in 10 minutes. This would usually help keep people from panicking.
*While you are sober, there’s still a lingering feeling for a few hours

Yup. I’ve known people who got really, really freaked out at salvia. I’ve also known people who really loved it, and my good trip was something I could never approach again in any other way, and probably not with the salvia again either. It was like the plant was leading me down the rabbit trail, kind of being my Morpheus. It was fantastic!

WARNING: **Illegal **drug personal anecdotes ahead! The Powers That Be on the board are a bit…flexible, shall we say, about illegal drug policy. I’m pretty sure that at last count it was still OK to discuss the effects of illegal drugs, but not how to procure or use them. Read at your own risk, I suppose. [spoiler]I had a similar experience with THC (not smoked marijuana, but acetone extracted THC - tarry stuff rolled with powdered sugar to make a pill). It gave me some amazing insights in that journey. And when you come back and try to explain it, everyone goes :dubious: , right?

I also, again with THC, took a journey backwards through this life, all the way to the womb. I found out where a specific muscular tic I’ve had all my life came from (a wave-like motion of my hand, repeated as a baby on my crib bars, as a toddler on my wall, as a child against the car window) When I was still inside my mother, I’d push out my hand and stroke the inside of the amniotic sac with exactly that motion. :eek: The roundness of the sac mandated the curving wave of my hand, and it’s a pattern that’s stuck with me all my life.[/spoiler]

I find it just amazing that plants can lead us to discover so much about ourselves. They are amazing teachers, aren’t they?

Yes, yes, I am now convinced to give Salvia another shot. Luckily, I’m pretty sure I can get some in a couple of weeks. I shall report back.


Disregarding any internal mental effects, externally it appears to make you look like a total plonker.

Notice how he kept the lighter on the bowl the entire time, that’s very important, although I don’t remember having to hold it in like that.

If you look on the web, there’s a site that offers salvia-extract in alcohol. It looks and tastes like a strong green herbal liquor, and you’re supposed to hold a small sip in your mouth for five minutes or so. The working ingredient is absorbed by the tissue in your mouth.

That’s an alternative for people who find smoking it too unpleasant.

Try reading the trip experiences for Jimson Weed at Erowid (aka Devils Weed)…I always tell people who are looking for legal highs to try it, just so I can hear a funny story

Jimson Weed “aka Devils Weed” is actually called Datura, and it grows wild in certain specific California locales which won’t be named just to be on the safe side.

It’s worth noting that smoked salvia is one of the most profoundly awful voluntary taste experiences to be had on this Earth.

What a story!

Dude, you were on drugs. If you’d had an experience that included pink gay pipe smoking whales would you have concluded that it was amazing to discover they existed, too? You have as much evidence that your experience reveals anything about yourself that is actually true.

Wow…that’s, like, totally true! Wow! Are you a plant??

So, WhyNot posts an intimate detail of her experience while in an altered state, to add to this thread, with discreet spoilers, and you just come in with a nasty barrage of invective. “Gay Whales” Har-dee-Har! Get a grip, pal.

Altered mental states via botanicals is entirely welded into human history, be it fermented vegetal matter of alcoholic beverage, inhaling plants by smoking, or drinking decoctions of plants. Entire empires have been built on those stimulating properties to the human body.

Salvia divinorum: I haven’t tried it, guess I’m getting old, but in reading, it’s a very potent plant, and probably worthwhile under experienced guidance of a Shaman. Sad that we don’t have that traditional guidance in our culture.

I smoked it (leaves fortified with a 10X extract) a couple of times.

Horrible taste, awful stink.

My face felt like a rubber mask, and the volume of saliva I produced went up ridiculously. Had to go outside and spit and spit.

As for the psychotropic effects, I didn’t find them terribly pleasant. Some spatial distortion and “waviness.” Everything looked “plasticy.” Walking was difficult, each step felt unsure.

An auditory effect that will be familiar to nitrous users.

The person who gave it to me compared it to DMT – but oh lordy, it’s nothing like DMT.

The true effects of a real salvia trip are fucked up beyond belief. Some would say salvinorum provides the strongest hallucinogenic experience known to man.

For instance, the one and only time I “broke through”, I actually heard a woman chanting some syntax to me, and then all around me there were alien totums beckoning me. I had no idea what I was doing or that I had smoked 5 seconds earlier. I really “gave into” the hallucination, there was no other reality but the hallucination. I cannot stress enough how intense it was.

I did that without a sitter, and ended up wondering around not knowing where the aliens were leading me.

Strong shit. I would recommend staying clear of this one.