SamClem, please reconsider

You closed this thread saying it would serve no useful purpose.

I disagree. Please reopen it for another couple of weeks and let us vote for our favorite dragon-breath threads, then close it.

Then let’s create a new area: The Pit: Blasts from the Pasts. Put all the threads that get votes in there, close them, and let people enjoy classic vitriol. I’ll certainly vote for the Reaming of Telemarketers by Cervaise and Euthanasiast’s Ode to a Drunken Ex-wife. And let’s do the voting annually in case something new comes up.

C’mon. Threads that contain masterpieces in the English language such as these DESERVE to be immortalized:

Wow, someone thinks that one of my threads was actually worthwhile. Maybe I should actually join up! :smiley:

Take that with a grain of salt, it’s clothahump :wink:

Please note that I am arguing for a classic Pit thread folder. We gotta start somewhere, so a vote thread works for me.

Oh, and Squink? Bite me.

Clothahump, you know better than to start a new thread and do exactly the same thing in a new thread for which the original was closed. I’m closing this too - if you’re serious about discussing it, take it to email.