Sampiro -- how you doin'?

No, no, not "how you doin’ " – just, how’s it going with, yanno, your mom and everything?

I was thinking of starting this very thread, especially after the reappearance of Master Wang-Ka.

Sampiro–what she said. How are things going for you?

Hi- Thanks for asking, but unfortunately I don’t have time to go into great detail, so I’ll just say that all factors considered my mother’s okay and the family drama is pharaonic in scale.

Quite literally.

There was an incident that involved a 2,800 year old mummy that led to a screaming match (totally serious) and hysterical deafness (again, not an exaggeration) and both were strangely related to my mother’s cancer. I may not post it here but I’ll be glad to send it out on email in the near future.


That’s the story of my life [le’sigh]…

Ahhhhh. If it makes you feel better…How YOU doin’? :wink: :wink:

Sweetie – I’m a straight female – but if you really want me to …

Oh, and – glad you’re okay, hang in there.

Remember, that which does not kill us makes us strong.

Or at very least pisses us off, depletes our bank accounts and gives great stories, which is the next best thing really.

I’m glad to see your sense of humor is still intact, and I’ll be looking forward to an e-mail if you don’t want to post the details here.

We miss you, and you and your family are in our thoughts.

Sampiro I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I love you. Really. I know we haven’t met but I love you.

Hope everything is as good as it can be with your family situation. And yes, I’d love to be on that e-mail list if you decide to write about it.

Best wishes.

I’ll take two, please! :wink:

Sampiro, I too would love to hear your tale. I/we want you to know how much love and support you have here. I know we are only a bit more real than those that people one’s dreams, but collectively, we hope, we bring a bit of comfort.

I’m all ears.

But, then, I didn’t know anything was wrong to begin with.

But do tell, if you’re so inclined.

Sampiro, first, I say with all seriousness, I am concerned for what’s going on. I’d love to hear the story. I’m also willing to be a sounding board if need be, being as I am a fellow southerner and understand the southerness of stuff and all.

That being said, since I’m also gay. If it’ll help… then…

How you doin’? :wink:

Hey now!!! I put in a how you doin’ (meaning it in that way) before you did. Humph. :wink:

you can’t just leap into an sdmb thread and throw around the word “mummy”. of course, we all want to know.

do you need us to send in the mummy road show guys?

Yes, we want to hear the story about your mummy and the mummy. :slight_smile:

Sign me up for that email. I’ll go call Bruce Campbell and see if we can work on the movie rights.

I hate when that happens. :slight_smile:

Straight guy here and you don’t even know me, but what the hell…how YOU doin?

Oh, put me on that mailing list, please!