Sarah McLachlan and the Happy Lesbian Montrealers

Sarah McLachlan played the first Canadian date of her Afterglow tour in Montreal last night. Kung fu Wifey and I had so-so seats. We weren’t in the nosebleeds, but we weren’t in the pit, either. We thoroughly enjoyed the opening act, Butterfly Boucher, who is from Australia, and is awesome. We had a clear view of her bouncing around and jumping with her guitar, but not much more than that.

There was an intermission after her act, while Butterfly went out into the corridor behind us and signed copies of her CD. Amber and I snuggled down together in anticipation of a great show, which we expected to mostly watch on the screens.
But it was not to be.

A young guy with big hands, frosted tips and a black Hurley hoodie approached our seats and politely introduced himself as someone who worked for Sarah. Sure enough, there was a green and orange pass hanging around his neck. He asked us if we were big Sarah fans. Uh, only since junior high! He asked us the titles of her new album and single. Good thing Amber answered correctly, because I was stunned by the whole thing and also high on cold medicine.
Hurley escorted us to the front row, centre, explaining that these seats are always reserved for “Really big fans” and that we looked the part. When we were all settled in, he withdrew and we didn’t see him again, but I wish we had, because I would have wanted to thank him.

Amber and I almost exploded waiting for the show to start. When Sarah came out, we were staring right at her. She smiled at us when I put my head on Amber’s shoulder, and she made eye contact with me while I was shaking my booty during “World On Fire”. Ash smiled at us a few times when he came out from behind his drum kit to sing backup.

I flirted with the adorable second guitarist because he wasn’t getting as much attention as the lead guitarist. I blew him kisses and winked at him. It paid off in the end because when I wanted to dance and Amber was too shy and was resisting my efforts to pull her up, he saw and motioned for her to get up! That convinced her.

I never wanted to leave. I wanted Sarah to play every single one of her songs. Amber and I are framing our “Invitation Only” tickets, so that we never forget that sometimes, when you’re resigned to what you have, something better just might come along.

Wow, what an incredibly cool thing for her to do!

I love Sarah’s music, but you never said anything about what the HLM played!



Congrats! That’s a story for the Grandkids!

What an awesome thing! Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

[Ross from Friends]
Every day is Lesbian Lover Day!
[/Ross from Friends]

Wow! It’s like a Cinderella story, only, you know, with lesbians. Cool!

That is so true. For us, anyway.

I’m so damn jealous. I’ve never been able to see her live.
You suck!

I’m glad you had a good time.
But you still suck!

(Personal Favorite Sarah Story)
She was on some show talking about her marriage and said, “I can’t going around shagging random guys at shows.”

And I screamed at the TV, “YEAH YOU CAN!! We don’t mind!”

Well, I got to see Tori on the 8th row.
And, Garbage on the 6th. So there!

Very cool … do you know what songs she played?

I have to admit I was very letdown by the most recent album … I’ve tried, but I can’t get into it. All seems kinda bland. Maybe it’s because “Surfacing” was fantastic, so I had the bar set too high.

Um, okay, well this will mostly be from memory, but I remember most vividly:

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Building a Mystery
World On Fire
Train Wreck
Perfect Girl
Hold On
I Will Remember You

Ice Cream

Second Encore:
Dirty Little Secret

I can only wonder what it is about you that looked like “big fans”.

Jealous Sarah fanboy hoping for something to emulate… That, ya know, doesn’t involve him becoming a lesbian.

It was probably the sparkly scarf I was wearing as a babushka. My advice: Wear something hemp and a Sarah t-shirt. Grow a little stubble. Maybe some dredlocks. Look “sensitive”.

umm, where? anyplace in particular? :dubious:

I’m pretty sure lesbians have more fun than I do most of the time.

Ahh…reminds me of an argument my brother and I had back when we were home from college (picture two typical baseball cap J Crew wearing frat guys):

Brother (looking through my CDs) - “Sarah McLachlan!?’re such a homo”
Me - “whatever…your freakin Tori Amos CD is gayer than Sarah McLachlan.”
Brother - “bullshit dude…that shit’s way gayer than Tori Amos.”
Me - “yeah right…so are you borrowing it or what?”
Brother - “sure…whatever”

Hey just because every other word I utter is “fuck” or “biatches” doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a variety of music.

Hey, we went and saw her a few weeks back, at the start of the tour. Absolutely freaking awesome show, it was.

My youngest BIL called up the next morning to gloat about being in the front row (fan club tickets), but I can still make him mad with my story of seeing her in '92 in a bar, lame fake ID and all, in San Francisco and meeting her afterwards. :smiley:

Sarah does put on a mighty fine show. The wife and I caught her in Vegas about a month ago. It was fun watching the “Young Punk Dragged to the Concert By His Girlfriend” sitting next to us really get into the music after about 4 songs. :smiley:

The set list sounds right.