Sarah Palin Insults Politicians from China to India.

In This article on aerial hunting, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is quoted as saying,

Why in the world is she concerned over what politicians in China, North and South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and India have to say about Alaska and their Aerial Hunting policy?

And, why is she limiting her comments to those politicians in coastal states and areas??:dubious:

Perhaps she meant to say " Far out" and simply misspoke?


The real mystery: Why does everyone find Palin so fascinating that they can’t stop talking about her even though she is no longer politically relevant to anyone outside of Alaska?

Or inside Alaska, for that matter.

I had the same thought seeing this thread. Thought I had woken up in a time warp and it was 2008 again. Sarah Palin matters why?

If she starts up a presidential campaign in '12, which she might (although the GOP would be on crack to give her the nomination), then we can start the amusing intellectual barrage on her again. But until then let’s give it a break, please.

Hmm… New York is only about 500 miles closer to Anchorage than Beijing. Do you perhaps think she might actually be making a valid point?

There’s no “if” about it – she’s already started running for 2012.

Seriously. She left out a word. Shouldn’t we just be thankful for one less syllable leaving her mouth and move on? This is starting to be like the thousands of people who’ve been talking about how much they don’t care about Paris Hilton every day for the past six years. DNFTT.

Aside: I think the word she left out was “left.”

But generally, I agree; forget about her 'til 2012, if only because the only reason she’s relevant to those outside Alaska right now is for President, and I really don’t want any reason to contemplate the next Presidential election for at least another two and a half years. Maybe longer.

Oh no, a politician misspoke in a way that, if you take it absurdly literally, might be offensive to someone.

Big deal.

hey Troy, nice of you to check in :wink:

I’m going to try to not even think about her in 2012. No one could possibly think she has a chance at winning 2012, can they?

You just keep on thinking that…:frowning:

Did I really need to start the OP by saying, " Tongue In Cheek / Bit Of Amusing Fluff Within" ???

No. We do not need to talk about her. Not now. Not in 2012 ( by which time the world will have ended anyway, apparently).

What amused me was that the entire STORY made it to the front page of an Internet news site. Not that she made a slip of the tongue. ( though that was mildly amusing ).

Democrats thought Reagan was smooth-talking fluff. Look what that did. I’m not saying Palin is particularly comparable to Ronnie, but you ignore people who excite their base at your peril.

Because she’s funny. Why did anyone keep talking about Marion Barry when it became obvious that only in DC could he keep any kind of a political job? Trainwrecks are fun.

Reagan was smooth talking fluff, Palin doesn’t even have that going for her. She alienated half of her party base. I really don’t think there’s much future in her presidential candidacy. Mark my words, if she runs she’ll be defeated in the primaries

I don’t think so, since her appeal is primarily to those who turn out for the primaries.

She’ll do better than that. At her worst performance, she’d cause a brokered caucus or whatever the Republicans call it when the primaries are too divided to pick a single candidate through normal methods.

More likely she’d leverage a lot of the deep dissatisfaction the Religious Right and the Populist Right feels with the Business Right and shove some bland time-server aside in the primaries only to lose to Obama, because the kinds of people who love Palin are a large part of the modern GOP but they are a shrinking part of modern America and the prospect of four years of President Palin would mobilize Democrats and Moderates of all stripes to defeat her.

If the GOP is lucky, Palin will be gobbled up by some third party and leave the GOP with enough right-leaning Moderates to seriously challenge Obama. If this happens, it will be the largest third party showing since the Bull Moose Party ran Theodore Roosevelt and it will make Ross Perot look like… uh, what he always made himself look like on TV.

Or, of course, she’ll become the GOP nominee and some moderate Republican will run with a third party, in which case the same thing might well happen.

Why? Because liberal comedians and commentators don’t want to face the fact that the Republicans are now an irrelevant minority and hold virtually no power in Washington any more.

They DO NOT WANT to make fun of the current Democratic administration, even though it’s getting harder and harder not to. Given their druthers, they’d keep making Sarah Palin jokes until January 20, 2017.

I’m worried that everyone, even if told its not going to happen, will become dissatisfied with Democrats in power once this economic crisis isn’t fixed in 12 months.

Then we can go back to Freedom Fries and yelling “socialist!” at Democrats.

She’s far enough removed from BushCo that even with similar (and even worse) plans for the country she might be considered “new ideas” and can scream “I told you so!” when we don’t have 1% unemployment in 2010.