Satan Baby

As I was coming back from Thanksgiving, I passed through Greenville SC and listened to 93.3 WPTP. It’s a rock station that plays mainly bike-ridin’ music and their audience is a mix of middle class and rednecks. Despite this, they manage to remain apolitical. Their morning crew is 2 guys who do commentary, a girl who represents the female audience and reads news, and a couple of producers they make fun of. Kind of the southern version of Howard Stern.

The producer played this little ditty, “Satan Baby,” a parody of “Santa Baby.” After it was complete, the main DJ was at a loss for words when he realized this was the heart of the Bible Belt. He managed to take the sting off by asking who did this originally, Marilyn Monroe? I could tell by the way his voice was strained he wanted to kill the producer. It was genuinely funny because of the awkwardness. It was one of those moments that made a long road trip not boring.

<psst!> That’s not the parody; that’s Eartha Kitt.

Yeah, well, Satan’s fed up with getting all those holiday cards from dyslexic kids. Fortunately, he just shovels them into the Pit.

Having spent 4 fairly formative years in Greenville, I declare this to be the funniest gorram thing I’ve heard in months.

Didn’t the council of Nicaea conclude that Satan was sterile and therefore all of those babbies could not be his?

Because I had to go look it up…

Satan Baby (“Santa Baby” Parody by The Kinsey Sicks)

Knowed Out will have to confirm whether or no this is the one that he heard, but it still fits the bill.

Whoops, this is the correct link.

Projammer, I did find the drag queen version first, and considered linking that too.