Satan?!? Me?!?

I called across the top of my cube today “Hi Carlos”, to which Carlos replied “Satan? Is that you?”.

Satan?!? Me?!? WTF?!?

I’ve been out of the office for a couple weeks, and generally work from home, so I don’t really know the guy in the next cube. He does desktop support here, and I’m more or less in server management these days, so I don’t work with him often or really even see him more than once a month. I did, however, call him last week and asked him to water my plants, as I was out on bereavement leave and didn’t get into the office at all (I go in once a week to water my plants and take care of the few things that require my physical presence). So that was the last interaction I had with him, and probably the tenth or twelth time I’ve ever spoke to him at all. I’m at a loss as to what would provoke such a bizarre response to a simple ‘Good Morning’ or whatever.

So I’d estimate that just about any random Doper probably knows me as well as Carlos.

Do you regard me as The Prince of Darkness?

Just Curious,


btw, I just sneezed, and he didn’t say “God Bless You.” Hmmm.

Are you sure you don’t work next to Dana Carvey?

I like this Carlos—he seeing anyone?

Sorry, Eve, he’s been cast into the Pit of Dispair-

Um, I mean, uh…

He’s married.


Do you need to clear your throat?

It sounds like a case of mistaken identity. I wouldn’t worry much about it. If you’re pretty sure you’re not satan, its a good chance you’re not.

No in my case, When I talk to my fellow workers, I’m consistantly referred to as the “evil” one, or a spawn of satan in the least. A few times I’ve been called Satan himself or the anti-christ, but mostly people are afraid of me procreating, there-by siring the anti-christ. I’m serious.

In any case, I’m willing to bet that Carlos just was confused for a moment. Water you plants and pay it no mind. I’m sure “satan” will remind him EXACTLY who I… err… I mean HE is.

the Pit of Dispair-


The Pit of Dispair!

Good call, lieu.

At my office, Brenda, Thea and I, who sit catty-corner from one another, are refered to as The Trilogy of Terror.

Thanks for the reassurance, jon_pi, though I’m not sure just because I don’t think I’m Satan means I’m not. I don’t think I’m an asshole, but that doesn’t mean anything to the hapless hoards that think I am.

Either way, what bliss.

So, can I worship you and get cool stuff? I really want a hula hoop. And maybe a burrow owl. Ooh, ooh, and a pony. :slight_smile:

Sorry, Slortar, but I’m all out of hula hoops, owls, and ponies. How about famine, pestilence and…

Wait a minute! Where the hell are all my hula hoops?!?

What’s your voice like?
Do you have a lot of bass to it?
Has anyone ever told you you sound like James Earl Jones or Barry White?

If I heard a really cool deep & booming voice floating over my cubical while I was doing my morning damning
(it’s something like praying but with less positive results), I might mistake it for Satan…:wink:

I’d be worried if Satan were talking to my cow-orkers all the time. Isn’t this how Sam Berkowitz got started?

Winston, yeah, we’ve been meaning to tell you about your cologne. We really appreciate you trying to spruce things up for when you come in to the office but “Burning Brimstone” is not really your scent.

Lemme guess, you didn’t do laundry while you were away and came to work dressed in the only thing that was clean.

No, it doesn’t make you Satan, but Santa just moved you to the bottom of the Naughty List. Sux to be you.

*I’m an evil dopER!

I’m an evil dopER!*


Do you perhaps work with a fellow named Brian O’Neill? He used to be known as “Satan” around these parts, until he was banned. Perhaps Carlos mistook you for him.

I was in Waffle House one time and the waitress thought I was Satan.

Didn’t help that my roommate kept telling her I was, or that I kept doing Al Pacino impressions…

They almost threw me out… I can see the lawsuit now: “Restaurant Ejects Wrong Prince of Darkness”, maybe.

"So my fundamentalist sister tells me one time at Thanksgiving, ‘You have Satan inside of you!’ So I work it. ‘Mom, could you pass me some more turkey? I’m eatin’ for two…’ "

  • Suzanne Westenhoefer

Note to self- send Eve a Zuli hunting fetish for Hannukah.