Satisfying news story: highly-paid jerk asks secretary to pay for ketchup stain

This is my kind of news story. Corporate assholery meets with sarcasm from underling.


Buh? It doesn’t seem very clear; does she actually work as his direct subordinate, or in another department (in which case it may be that he wasn’t aware that here absence was due to bereavement)?

Of course the whole story isn’t printed. It’s possible that she offered or even insisted on paying for the cleaning, and she had to leave suddenly between the time she offered and the time he sent the email (on May 25). When she returned on June 3, she might have forgotten her offer, or been miffed that he would remind her of a petty debt after her recent misfortune. (The dates are mentioned in the OP’s link; you have to google for other links.)

Who knows.

I meant, the dates are not mentioned in the OP’s links.

I agree with the above posts; some key questions were left unanswered, including the most important one – just how the heck did she get a ketchup on his trousers, anyway? Were they playing a game of lunch-hour Twister in the break room? Inquiring minds want to know…

IMHO, the mushiness of the write-up doesn’t quite… cut the mustard

Sheesh, talk about sloppy writing… :smack:
One possible scenario occurred to me, though. She might’ve been chowing down on a burger when Mr. Important summoned her to his desk to take care of something right away, and she for some bizarre reason might’ve carried the last remnant of her glorious repast with her, perhaps with an unsightly dollop of ketchup tenuously clinging, like a stalactite, to her pinky finger, and when she stood by his side to take custody of the it’s-a-matter-of-life-and-death fax assignment, or whatever, that was when the Karmic Ketchup Dollop fell, stained trou, and set into motion its fateful chain reaction, culminating in the deserved* (and now global) felling, smearing, and staining of one walking head-case of super-sized self-importance.

  • “Deserved” in that he was, in this admittedly fanciful scenario, interrupting the poor thing’s lunch break. What a maroon!

She got ketchup on his pants and he didn’t fire her on the spot?

Yeah, what a jerk. How dare he send a polite note to ask for payment after she damaged something of his! If you can even imagine.

At least she reacted professionally and maturely by forwarding the email to others, writing back with biting sarcasm, and snarking about their relative incomes. Because, as we all know, if you damage someone else’s property and they make more money than you, it doesn’t matter.


It’s funny; several of the accounts said he “demanded” payment in a haughty manner. I’m not getting that from his email. There are also other inconsistencies between the stories, which even more so makes me believe we aren’t hearing everything.

Maybe he is a real tightwad but that was extremely unprofessional of her to forward it on to everyone.

Oh, fine, people, ruin all the fun with your “additional reading” and “pointing out inconsistencies” and “noticing the woman isn’t very professional.” :slight_smile:

I sympathize with her behavior because if I had also just returned from burying my mother after her untimely death, I probably wouldn’t cotton too well to having ANY coworker ask me for $7 for dry-cleaning expenses from an accidental ketchup incident. Timing really can be everything.

So far as I can tell the trousers were not actually damaged. I wear my clothes with the expectation that they may in fact get dirty during the day. I certainly woulldn’t expect a co-worker to pay my cleaning bill if the accidentally spilled somethin on me. But yes, her forwarding the email was inappropriate.