Saturday Night Live Debbie Downer

For those of you who missed this the first time around, I’ve found the clip of Rachel Dratch completely losing it during a Debbie Downer skit. All of us could use a good laugh today:*

I think what set her off wasn’t the usuall Fallon/Sanz giggle fest (where’s Peter Griffin when you need him). I think the random trombone mid-line tripped her up.
*Whether you’re suffering from the sweltering heat, dealing with Monday blahs, or just heard the Michael Jackson verdict.

Ah, good ol’ Debbie Downer. The sad truth is that the only thing that makes those skits so funny is watching Rachel struggle through them. :slight_smile:

I think Rachel Dratch is cute. She looks ugly sometimes but when she is being normal she is cute. Debbie Downer is a dog.

I know a girl who is 100% like Debbie Downer in real life and sometimes when she makes a downer comment I swear that I hear that “brap braaaaaaaaaaa” in my head and about ten percent of the time I can’t keep myself from laughing.