Sauron, what makes you feel I must kiss your ass?

Okay…early this morning, I post this thread in Cafe Society. I’ve been up all night long, so I take a nap. Six hours later, I wake up to find two responses by Sauron – the second of which said, in part:

I know that, bitch. What I didn’t know is that I was obligated to stay by the computer and reload my thread every five minutes just in case someone responds, and gets pissed off because I didn’t immediately reply with effusive appreciation, even if their reply is no help at all (a category which your useless answer definitely falls into.)

My mother always taught me that thank-you’s were polite to give out, but incredibly rude to insist on getting. Especially when you don’t allow enough time for the person to receive the message he is to thank you for in the first place!

And I doubt I’ll cry over your refusal to help me again, since anyone with half a brain would know that the Weird Al song “Pac Man” is a parody of “Taxman” by the Beatles, not “Passion” by Rod Stewart…or, at least, they could quickly find that out if they really spent an hour searching the web like they claim.

Or am I missing something here?

OK, I read the thread. Yup, I guess I agree with the OP. Sauron was a tad over the top there.

Not that I usually insert myself in the midst of a Pit debate, but I have to be on the side of Jeremy.

Since you hadn’t checked back to the thread, we have no idea if you had been reading the responses yet or not. Had you posted again in response, but then not acknowledged the help, then maybe I could understand feeling a bit slighted.

For all we know you could have been on vacation, posting from work with no access at home, etc. etc. I’d say that reprimand was a bit premature.

I think the whole thing, however, is real small potatoes and hardly worthy of getting into a major tiff over.

I’ll be backing out now…

Way over the top. Honestly, Sauron.

Personally I’ve never understood why people on this board get so irate if they don’t get a thank you. Just imagine how much slower this server would be if every poster felt compelled to respond to every reply. I assume if I offer help that it’s appreciated; I don’t need to be reassured of that. Not here anyway.

Good gracious. :eek:

Way outta line. Sauron, d’you think you could’ve at least waited for him to, oh I don’t know, post again in the thread and actually actively ignore you before you got a stick up your ass? Just curious.

thank you. :smiley:

RE: OP - Sauron - suggest you wait til OP posts again w/o a ‘thanks’ before you deride them for not thanking.

OP - suggest you chill, ya could have said in the thread ‘gee, could ya let me have a chance to say thanks first?’ (IOW, not really pit worthy either).

Jesus, Sauron-anal much?

Hey, c’mon guys, where’s your empathy?

If you had your hand chopped off and lost the Ring of Power, I’d like to see how cheery and understanding you are towards your fellow man.


[sub]Seriously, though…Sauron was out of line in that thread, and I hope he owns up to it and apologize.[/sub]

OK, OK, lets move it along…Nothing more to see here, folks!

Come on Sauron!

It’s customary to respond to an invitation to a Pit thread that was inspired by a boneheaded request for “thanks” from a post that didn’t actually help the OP. :rolleyes:

Your move monkeynugget.

Well, I’m afraid that JET is in the right here, but I’ll take the opposite side anyway.

Poor Sauron busted his chops on google trying to answer JET’s question, and probably spent way too much time on the matter.

Later, Sauron vented his frustrations. Hey, we can forgive that. What’s a couple of ill-advised posts among Dopers? Ah well, life goes on…

Anyway, thanks for the effort Sauron! Um, interesting question JET! Good detective work El Mariachi Loco! Cigars and free lunch for everyone! :wry:

Hey, Sauron, it’s customary to own up to it and apologize when you’ve acted like a total prick.

You know Sauron. I try to help out a lot in GQ and it’s nice to get a thank you…but I don’t get all bent out of shape if I don’t. Lighten up a bit. Did you do it just for the thanks?

Jeremy, are you holding back on the One Ring? Maybe that’s why Sauron wants to get at you.

I’ve read the thread, and I have to agree that Sauron was getting just a wee bit too impatient for his expected “thank-you”. As scout said, JET could have been doing anything at all: hey, he could have been (heaven forbid) in a car accident and in hospital! Sleep is very important!

The least Sauron could have done is wait until JET responded to the thread WITHOUT a “thanks for your help”. I don’t like people who insist on getting thank-yous within a very short time frame, unless it’s important. Not saying this wasn’t, but it could still have waited.

I’m sure there have been times that I have asked questions and haven’t been able to quickly get back to the thread in question for some reason. Luckily, most people on here are patient, and will wait for a thank-you. That, or they assume their help was appreciated. Still, I like to acknowledge people’s help… which JET did do. Maybe he didn’t do it in a timely enough fashion for Sauron, but the point is, he did do it. (not that I’ll slam people for not saying thanks; I’m not normally like that)

As for the question of whether this was Pit-worthy… The Pit is a place to vent about what’s on your mind, so in that respect, I guess it was. It may have been a relatively minor kind of thing, but if JET wanted to bitch about it, then he has my support.

Thank you very much!

Mea culpa.

I figured more than six hours was long enough to wait for a thanks when responding to an OP. Obviously I was wrong.

I didn’t realize my posting was so over the top, but I’ll bow to the majority opinion here. I apologize, Jeremy’s Evil Twin.

Lemme explain my side. I spent more than two hours Googling and going through the Dr. Demento Web site Friday morning, trying to answer your damn question (to which I alluded in my original post in the other thread). The answers I found you callously disregarded. I realize you had no way of knowing what kind of effort I put in. That’s on me. But I’m not gonna go to that effort for you again.

And hey, king of spain and Linear Crack? How does it feel to be hoist on your own petard? I just now signed back on after posting in the other thread yesterday afternoon. If you’re gonna rag me for not responding quicker to this thread, you might wanna take a look in the mirror first.

The HELL, Sauron-he did not “callously disregard” your answers. He hadn’t even fucking SEEN them yet?
It sounds to me you’re one of those people who only do something nice if you get something in return. It doesn’t work that way.

Um…yes. It’s called irony, son.

You have no idea how tempted I am to post this in the “stupidest things you’ve ever heard someone say” thread.