Sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits

How do you prefer your sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits to be stacked?

Just like that, sausage, egg, cheese. Of course biscuit on top and bottom. Why? The sausage forms a firm layer for the rest of the stack, egg could just squeeze out the bottom as you eat. Cheese belongs on top because… well just because.

Sausage, egg, cheese. If the cheese is next to the meat it turns into a greasy mess. If the cheese melts onto the biscuit or egg, no big deal.

Egg, spam, sausage, spam, spam, cheese, spam, spam, and spam.

Add some egg, cheese and spam and you have something there.

I’ve never noticed how McDonald’s stacks them.

However they do it is very good.

I usually order bacon, egg Cheese biscuit. Google photos show bacon on top of the egg. Cheese is under the egg.

I didn’t see a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit on their menu, but the bacon one is cheese, egg, bacon.

Are you going top to bottom or bottom to top

I would prefer sausage on the bottom but bacon on Top



In order of stacking; i.e., bottom-to-top.

I like my cheese in the middle, so sausage, cheese, egg.

Leaving out the egg and cheese.

This. I usually get them from Whataburger, and I specifically say to the clownhead (although Whataburger doesn’t have a clownhead), “I’d like a sausage biscuit. That’s sausage and biscuit, no egg, no cheese.”

I use a breakfast sandwich maker. It works best cheese-sausage-egg.

When I use ours, it’s egg, cheese, sausage, because if the sausage went down before the egg, the egg would ‘encase’ the sausage.

For reasons that are beyond me, they don’t show it on their menu, but it is an extremely common order. To the point that if you ask for a sausage egg biscuit with cheese added, you’ll likely be corrected by the employee saying, “a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit?”

Regardless, I agree that the way McDonald’s stacks it works well for me. Easily their best breakfast sandwich.

Cheese belongs on top because when it melts, the overlap droops down and wraps all the other stuff in cheesy goodness. It’s science.


Here’s mine. How do you crack the egg into the bottom compartment (or is your machine different)?

I have a one-holer. The English muffin (biscuits burn before the egg sets) goes in the bottom. Egg goes into the middle, followed by the cheese and the sausage. The other half of the muffin goes on top. I’ll put the sausage in the bottom compartment next time.

You forgot sausage, sausage, sausage.


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