Savage Love Fans - What do you think the "Louisville Plugger" is? TMI

I e-mailed but never got a resonse. Did any Dopers e-mail and get a response on what the “Louisville Plugger” is? Does anybody have a guess? I don’t think it can be as simple as a big butt plug if it too disgusting to be written about in Savage Love.

It’s a play on the name of baseball bats “Louisville Slugger.”

Pardon me while I go take a shower.

You’re welcome.

So, it’s like being felched with a MLB regulation bat?

Not like being felched at all. Felching is something ENTIRELY different.

Think of it more like having a baseball bat enema.

Yeah, realized that after I posted.

I Emailed for it last wednesday, and haven’t received anything, either.

And yeah, It’s going to be something Anal involving a Bat, and the word Santorum will most likely be used. at least once.

Or maybe the Louisville Plugger will turn out to be when you publish an email hoax in your sex column, then get your rocks off thinking about all the gullible Pervs who sent futile emails wanting to know what it is.

Well…it must involve a bat I suppose. But as noted in the OP it couldn’t be something as pedestrain as a bat up the ass. I mean, that’s the kind of stuff Dan talks about daily.

Perhaps it’s an actual baseball game played once the bats are thus placed? Now that would require diagrams.

Band name.

Originally Posted by The Sonoran Lizard King
the gullible Pervs

My first Band name post. I’m so Barry Barry happy.

My guess: two people with the ends of a wooden bat shoved up their anuses, simultaneously trying to pass a bowel movement which may or may not be leaking out through their plugged ends. Should I be alarmed that it only took me two seconds to think of that?

Dan Savage came through!

A Louisville plugger involves two baseball bats, percodan, internal fecal manipulation, prostate milking, the harmonic Percussive effects between two nearly identical hardwoods, one significantly muted, and comes with a warning never to actually try it.

Discussion to follow in the Pit, I think…

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The mods are probably too busy not reading this thread unless they must. I wouldn’ want to be a pasta dish in the abode of any SIMS mod…

[sub]Or a bathroom…[/sub]

Balancing the Chigago Reader’s conservative copyright policy against that this was a mass emailing, not copywrighted, (but attributed) I still hesitate to reprint it without modal dispensation.

'course you know someone’s gonna.

I feel like the little chickadee in the cartoon, holding back the rake tine, about to snap the nose on the sleeping hound dog.

“If I doood It, I gonna get it… I dood It!!!”

Dear Reader:

Here is the definition of the Louisville Plugger that you requested:
A person, the pluggee, takes a lot of Vicodin or Percocet over the course of a few days. Both of these painkillers induce severe constipation. Once the pluggee has a huge plug of shit lodged in his or her gut, the plugger greases up the skinny end of a baseball bat and inserts it into the pluggee’s ass. Using the knob at the end of the baseball bat, the plugger locates the plug of shit in the pluggee’s ass and commences pushing and prodding the plug of shit, massaging the prostate gland all the while, and gradually works the skinny end of the bat into the plug of shit. Once the baseball bat end is firmly lodged in the pluggee’s plug of shit (thus anchoring the bat in the pluggee’s ass), the plugger takes a second baseball bat and starts whacking the first baseball bat as hard as he or she can (whack sideways to vibrate the bat, don’t push the bat in deeper). This will, if done right, “sting” the pluggee’s ass in the same way that your palms sometimes sting when you smack a baseball bat hard against something. The whacking continues until the pluggee comes.

Please note: The Louisville Plugger is a fictional sex act, one that I made up over drinks with friends. The Louisville Plugger, so far as I know, has never been attempted by or on anyone, ever. It should also never, ever be attempted by or on anyone, ever, as the Louisville Plugger is likely to do grave bodily harm to the pluggee, up to and including death. I’ve sent you this definition for your amusement only. Do not attempt the Louisville Plugger. Thank you.

Oh, and happy new year.


Dan Savage
c/o The Stranger
1535 11th Ave. Third Floor
Seattle, WA 98122

Slightly off subjet: Years ago, Dan had a radio show late on Sunday nights. A lot of what went on made my ears blush but still I liked listening. When their contract was up, the studio wouldn’t renew it because of complaints they’d received and I guess nobody else would pick them up. I think they knew this so they kept getting more and more sexually bizarre in the final months.

I miss his show.

So, who’s taking bets on how long until someone kills themselves trying this?


…With Hollywood dictating what 's popular, I’m just hoping the Fat Albert Wiffle Ball bat doesn’t make a come back :eek: