Saw the show "Wedding: Impossible"

Noticed that Robert Irvine was marrying a woman named Gail Kim. I thought,“Isn’t there a wrestler with that name?” Broke my brain when I saw she was the bride-to-be! Never pegged Robert Irvine as a wrestling fan.

I’m not sure that implies he’s a fan. I’m not particularly interested in enterprise database products which is what my wife does.

Though I just asked her (since she is, to my sadness, watching the show now). Apparently they met when an episode of Restaurant Impossible involved a professional wrestling event.

If he’s indifferent to wrestling, he may just be a fan of someone he can spend 17 hours day in the gym with.

I didn’t pay all that much attention to this episode, but yes, she was a kitchen assistant on a Dinner Impossible episode involving a WWE event called Summerslam in 2009.

Their eyes met while cutting up vegetables. Was it tears of joy or just the diced onions?

Nice little 15 minute show on the wedding and the planning.

Good luck to her- he seems like an unpleasant person.

But at least they’ll be able to settle their differences by arm wrestling.

Did you actually watch the show? Because they explained how they met.

I agree with Son of a Rich. I actually like Robert a lot less after having seen and heard him on the Wedding: Impossible special. He seems like a controlling asshole instead of just a loud perfectionist that he seems like in the other shows.

Bees-Forgot to watch the rerun at Midnight.