Say hi to Data! My new kitty!

I am finally able to get a kitty.
So I did.
Say hi to Data. He is an adult stray with yellow eyes.

He is so cute. I want a kitty, but can’t get one right now, alas.

Hi Data :smiley:

  1. Very cute!
  2. My cat doesn’t have a name.
  3. Hi, Data

A nameless cat? Well, I guess that makes sense, as I only ever had one cat that would come when he was called anyway.

I thought I was a geek for naming my grey kitten Minerva but I think you topped me with naming yours Data. Sigh. I’ll have to now get another one and name it after some third level character from Lord of the Rings or something.

Hi, by the way.

Awww! :slight_smile:
You should have named him “Spot” :wink:

Is he named for Lt Data?

*Felis Cattus,

is your taxonomic nomenclature,
an endothermic quadruped carnivorous by nature?

  • :stuck_out_tongue:

Awwww. What an adorable kitty. Very orange. Nice orange boy.

Good for you for adopting a stray. What a wonderful kitty!

A handsome fellow you’ve got there.
I’ve got an orange cat named Pixel. Is that enough for geekdom?

What a cutie!

Hi Data from smartini and her Louie (Louie) and Lucy (in the Sky with Diamonds) :slight_smile:

I named my first cat Princess Alexandra of Denmark. I’m not sure why. She normally answered to Sandy, though (when she bothered to answer at all).

I named my first cat after Alexander Rozhenko. :smiley:

Such a pretty kitty. Reminds me of my mom’s old cat Buster. Him and his brother Butch would follow me around when I took the dog out for a walk. Ah, good times.

I’d suggest Eärendil.

I think my next pet is going to be named Elisha Cook Jr.
(the one on the right)

Oooh, he’s handsome! So…if your kitty is named Data, does that make you Spot?

Who’s the kitty? Data’s the kitty, yes he is ! Very wonderful and handsome meow-meow! Many happy years to both of you!

You should get him a pet android named “Spot.”

aaawwww, cute! I can’t have a cat, but I adore them.


I heart kitties.