We have another new kitty! Name suggestions taken.

We adopted a new kitty last week, because we wanted another kitty and because we felt our current kitty, Petra, needed a full-time kitty friend. So we went to the shelter on Wednesday and found our new kitty.

He’s about five months old and has a kitty cold right now so we still haven’t introduced new kitty to Petra, though they’ve taken to playing footsie under the door.

Here are some pictures of the new kitty (click on “new kitty” album). There’s also a picture of Petra in there and two of our neighbor’s Giant Maine Coon Kitty. Our new little guy has a really neat pattern in his fur that I’ve never seen before: he has a vaguely frog-shaped splotch on his face. And a goatee. He’s also most decidedly a lap kitty. And yes, for those of you who remember my original “name my kitty” thread and the subsequent sagas of Petra the Kitty who Swallowed a Needle and Thread and was sick for Two Months before we figured out the problem, Petra has three legs. The new kitty has all four.

Yay for new kitty friends!

Looks like my photo album got messed up. There’s only pics of the new kitty in there. Will have to fix it when I get home.

I like to use Texas town and county names for pets. One of my favorites is Haskell. Bowie makes another good one (yes, I know the source).

That is one of the cutest kittys I have ever seen. I love the face, it looks like a hairstyle with bangs, the way the dark spot comes down over the forehead. I am awful at naming, all my animals go a month at least without a name until the perfect one pops up. So I can’t really suggest one at this time, I just wanted to comment on the cuteness.

I think you should name him Phantom. His facial makrkings remind me of the mask worn by Michael Crawford as the Phantom of the Opoera.

I don’t have a name suggestion, but I just wanted to ask, since he seems to have staked out the bed, where were you guys planning to sleep? :stuck_out_tongue:

[hijack] Aww! We have a newly adopted arrival at our house too. Meet Tallulah, or Lula, in honor of Tallulah Bankhead. It also has that “Fried Green Tomatoes” feel to it, which is of course an invaluable asset for a name.

My dog, Bela, and I found her on the sidewalk across the street from our house one evening last week. Entirely too busy of a street for a kitten to be stroling down the sidewalk, imho, so I charmed her into letting me pick her up while she demonstrated her bug hunting/eating skills. [/hijack]

He looks like a Sam.

Sad Sam, Sammy, Samuel (when he’s been a bad kitty), Sam-o.

He’s just as cute as a button-nosed kitty-witty pooky-shnoo can be! :slight_smile:

:smiley: Funny you should ask, we’re actually sleeping on the futon in the living room for now, since we have to keep him separate from Petra and she is accustomed to sleeping with us. Rather than make her feel even more alienated by shutting her out of the bedroom while we sleep, we’ve elected to sleep in the living room!

I think tonight we may be able to introduce the kitties face-to-face, though I’m waiting to hear back from the shelter on another issue before we do that.

Thanks for the name suggestions. I’m writing them all down.


I don’t know why, but that’s the first name that popped into my head.

Sounds good with Petra, too.

How bout Binkey!

His nose looks like he stuck it in something sooty, so I suggest Smudge.

Cute kitty, looks like a lovey, very playful and affectionate. Lucretia beat me to it. Another vote for Smudge, maybe Smudgey since cats respond well to long “E” sounds. Which is why “kitty” usually brings them running. I don’t remember where I read this, but I remember reading in a cat care book on the topic of naming your cat, that cats respond well to names ending in a long “E” sound, and experience seems to prove this for the most part.

What about Jordan ? The names of the cats would then be paired, as the site of the old city of Petra is in what is now Jordan.

(Come on, you’ve all seen the place! Remember Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?)

If the kitty had been reddish in color, that would have made it even better.