Say your SO has to make out on screen

Could you handle it? What I mean is, say your SO is an actor/actress, and has love scenes, some that get pretty graphic, on stage or screen.

Would it make you jealous? Or would you say, “Well that’s part of the job.”

I must admit, I would be a bit jealous, even if I knew she loved me forever, especially if it was some Tom Cruise like dude and they were naked for the scene.

Any actor/actress types here, I would appreciate some feedback.

I’d like to say no now, but I probably would be jealous.

Yeah, Lola, I hear ya. We all want to say “Well, I am secure in my relationship” but I can’t see how a bit of it wouldn’t come out in a situation like that.

I’d be jealous, yeah. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? The sight of your SO ravaging/being ravaged by someone else -> some kinda response.

In slo-mo, that’s what comes first, anyway - everything else is just your efforts to stomp out your jealousy with rationalizations…which may be perfectly valid, but post-rage/-depression/-whatever, are almost beside the point. You still have to convince yourself “nothing’s really going on” (even though this may not be the case).

Sorry. Dated an actress once.

I’ve seen my two best friends in the whole world- who I love more than anything- making out (rather hotly) on screen. In a bathroom. With one of them in drag.

And I’m the one that shot it. And edited it. And watched it over and over and over. And screened it on a giant screen in a room full of hundreds of people. I think I could handle anything at this point.

That is NOT allowed. We have agreed not to be naked around un-related people of the opposite sex. Because, of course, I, for one would be jealous. And he doesn’t even like me sharing a bed with guy friends I’ve known since Jr. High. (When I visit and spend the night.)

Am I the one she’s making out with? I think I could handle that…
And hyperjes, this is none of my business whatsoever, but I don’t like the idea of you sharing a bed with guy friends, and I don’t even know you. Sharing a bed has (to me anyway) inherently sexual connotations, with the sole exception of a young child with his/her parents occaisonally.

During my time at University I acted in a number of student films, one included a love scene. I had my suspicions that the director added it just to see the actress topless, but that’s another discussion. I thought my girlfriend was cool with it. She kidded around with me about it, even joked about my “other woman” at the screening.

I found out later through mutual friends that she was actually very annoyed, particularly because I agreed to do it without asking her about her feelings. Live and learn. Still wonder if that Quentin Tarantino wannabe put that footage to some “unauthorized” use.:dubious:



That seems kinda odd to me. My friends and I share beds all the time, without the sexual overtones (we’ll make jokes and fool about, but would never seriously contemplate it). Travelling together, camping, sleeping over (instead of driving drunk) all lead to frequent bed sharing (heck, I slept in a friend’s bed last night).

Is it really so difficult to separate the simple act of sleeping with sex?


Depends on how graphic is graphic.

I reckon my SO and I would have a long talk about where to draw the line in the first place. Therefore, she wouldn’t accept a job if there is a scene that goes past our line.

Only if I got to be at the first private screening.

Not that I’d want to put the kibosh on it, just wanting to use my position to my advantage. My wife would do one hot love scene, no doubt. (Not that she ever would. Sigh.)

What’s she getting paid?

Mrs. Dante recently asked the question “If I became an actress, what would you think about me doing love scenes?” My reply was that I hoped she got to do one with Jared Leto, since she thinks he’s hot hot like Hagen Daaz.

Hey, you always ask your SO if they had a good day at work, right? So, making out with someone they found really attractive would be a good day at work! Provided it was part of the job of course. Random making out with cow-orkers is a no no.

Sorry, I don’t get jealousy at all.

Me either, Dante.

I’d even pay to see my wife make out with Liz Hurley…

Heck, I’d even pay to see my wife make out with Liz Hurley…

Heh- it was worth saying twice…

My husband doesn’t know how male actors can do those scenes without totin’ heavy wood. He says he wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

Barbra Streisand was dating Jon Peters during the filming of A Star Is Born. When she had the bathtub scene with Kris Kristofferson, JON MADE KRIS WEAR SWIMMING TRUNKS! Gaaah! I think that is so funny!

I’ve seen my SO make out with others - and worse - right before my very eyes.

I doubt seeing it on screen and knowing about it would really bother me.