Say your SO has to make out on screen

I read a story once (I think it was attributed to Denzel Washington) about how an actor would have a chat with his leading lady before the steamy love scene, and he’d say (as best I can recall): “Look, during our love scene you may notice that I have a particular unmistakable…um…reaction. Then again, maybe I won’t. Please don’t be offended in either case.”

I wouldn’t care. I’d want my man to enjoy his work.

Well, they don’t pull it off. I mean, that would be rather painful;) I can’t speak for any of the rest of them, but if I have to do a scene like that … well, back when I was acting I’d just turn off the part of my emotion that deals with lust. It was incredibly annoying (and sometimes rather painful if I wasn’t “acting in a theater”, so to speak…), but it worked every time.

Now I’ve gone and broken the button that I used to turn it off, so I’m helpless if I get turned on at an inopportune time. But a I don’t act anymore, this isn’t really all that bad.

Well, I date an actress already (stage, not screen) and she has kissed a few other people, and I’m ok with it. Of course, about half of those people were women, so I actually enjoyed watching it (she goes to an all women’s college, kissing girls on stage comes with the territory.)

Well, d_redguy has the same basic attitude as Ender_Will, so that is something that I don’t do anymore. Although I am inclined to agree with Narrad. I have seen these guys in various states of undress since early childhood, and some I’ve taken baths with when we were little. I would no more have sex with them than I would my brothers or cousins. I am sure they feel the same. It is simply a matter of convenience and comfort, to prevent someone having to sleep on the cold floor. I think that if, like my husband, you have very few close friends of the opposite gender, it may be difficult to understand the extremely platonic nature of the relationships involved.