SCAdians et al: What's Yer Best Pennsic War Tuchux Story?

Okay, I admit it: I am Tuchuck Wench. Great fun, for those of you who know of such things. (See: Gor novels by John Norman and/or SCA link for edification, for the uninitiated…) I suspect that a few Dopers may also be SCAdians (and/or Tuchux??). So hit me with your best shot! Tuchux Tales, anyone?? I’m simply curious. I mean, we never see ourselves as other see us, do we??

(I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!!)


What the fuck?

And what SCA link??

Guy I know went up Tuchuck hill with a 12 pack, two loaves of bread, and some sausage.
Came down with his new (irl) wife.

Guessing that gravity has had its way with the OP over the course of 20 years and bunny fur bikinis lose their charm over time. I could be wrong though, stranger things have happened.