Screen shots of the new site (still in development)

As I said earlier, it’s still in development and not totally baked yet, so take this as our starting point and don’t assume the worst.







your humble TubaDiva

Looking good! I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

what are those circles between the thread titles and the thread counts?

Thanks. ATMB will be interesting for a while.

They look like miniature avatars. Can’t really tell for sure.

Omg, it’s total garbage! You’ve ruined EVERYTHING! I’m never coming back! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrghh!

Or In other words, I’m excited! :wink:

20 chars max for user names. I imagine that will throw a few members for a loop. How does the board handle this initially?

It’s the avatars of people who have posted in the thread.

your humble TubaDiva

Thanks. And thanks for upgrading the software. I’m generally resistant to change, but will embrace this as much as possible.

It’s just a setting. It could be less. It could be more.

your humble TubaDiva

We were way overdue for an upgrade. There will be some adjustment needed but we believe our users will be able to handle it. And it’s faster, more efficient, less error prone … just those things by itself are big improvements.

We don’t expect you to love it going in but we do ask that you give it a chance to prove itself to you over time. We’ll figure it out together.

your humble TubaDiva

No email notifications? Whatever will I read over my first cup of coffee in the morning? :eek: :smiley:

I suppose that might be temporary, though.

ETA: – what’s the difference between “top” and “latest”? and is either of them at all equivalent to “new posts”?

What will the ad situation be for those who are not members?
More? Less? Better? Worse?

More importantly (to me) will members still be saved the onslaught of ads?

Looks great. Yay!!

I notice it’s ‘all categories’ at the top of your screenshots. Can that be changed to look at what today we call a specific forum? There are a couple of current forums I never go into; don’t care about them. Having those posts clog up what I do want to see would not be beneficial.

You set that inside the post.

I should get a screen shot of a post; they left that out.

You can look at posts by “categories,” like you look at each forum now.

“Latest” is most recent.

“Top” is most views.

you can also look at an aggregate list of all posts, all forums, sorted by time.

I also believe you will be able to reply to posts in your email via the email notification, but I need to check that. It’s not activated yet.

your humble TubaDiva

Not sure yet. Still TBD. We’ve always tried to give Members some value for their bux and we hope to do that going forward.

As I said, this is all still A Work In Progress, with answers as we get them.

your humble TubaDiva

And if you don’t have an avatar, it’s the first initial of your user name.

If you actually go into a forum (they call it a Category) then it will say where you are. For example, if you go into ATMB, instead of saying [ All Categories ] in the box at the top it will say [ Main ] [About This Message Board ], then followed by [ Latest ] [ Top ] as in the screen shots.

If you start at the screen shot that TubaDiva posted as NEW FRONT PAGE, you’ll see all of the categories under Main. Click on the category there (ATMB, GQ, IMHO, etc) and you’ll go to that forum/category page, which will then list all of the threads. It’s still organized by forum/category the same way it is now on vBulletin. It looks a bit different, but once you get used to the new layout, it’s still the same old SDMB underneath.