Screw Tackt

I am ready to kick my roommate in the dink and run. No I take that back 'll go out and buy some golf shoes with the spikes THEN kick him in the dink repeadetly, not run and kick his sorry ass to the curb. Now I have lived with slobs, I have lived with Assholes, I have lived with prissy little bitches, and airheads. I have suffered through roomates who walk around wearing only a robe and sitting so his little friend says hello everyday, and others who are addicted to pay per view porn. Through all of that I have let them do their own thing, cuz most of the time it was a temporary thing and I can handle it. I am a big girl and can take care of myself. But this guy I just cant handle.

The straw that broke the camals back was today when I went to take out the recycling.


He is a smoker, he cant smoke in the house so he goes outside, no problem, we have a great backyard. There are ashtrays outside for him, there are a few, I see them everyday. I see them empty and the lawn turning into a giant fucking filterfest from this fucken fuckface. I through a party on the weekend, just a barbeque get together and low and behold the smokers used the ashtrays. Funny that.

Back to the recycling

The fucker had emptied out the ashtrays into the recyling bin. Can anyone tell me how this is a good idea. The fucking garbage can is RIGHT NEXT TO IT. The only extra effort he would have had to do is lift a lid. OH MY GOD NOT A LID! ANYTHING BUT A LID! I just feel bad for the poor guy who has to empty it.

Now I know this is a trivial little thing but I have been putting up with countless inconsiderations of this smuck at home and at work, oh yea I work with the fucker too. I curse the person who told him I was looking for a roommate. I would rather pay the double rent then put up with his shit.

I could go on and on with the stupidity of this guy, example, I went to have a shower and he had left his beer cap in the bathtub. WHAT THE FUCK! Who drinks beer while inthe shower!?!?!?!? Again, I know minor details. How bout Ive lived with him for two monthes and I dont think he has done the dishes or cleaned any aspect of the house since he moved in.

I want to fucken tell him to shove his head up his ass but he is such a redneck prick I can just picture him making some PMS comment and cuckle. Which just picturing makes me more pissed off.

Why can’t a woman say what pisses her off without someone making cat hiss noises or passing it off as PMS!!! I’ve seen him do it countless times.

I know that if I didnt have to deal with his sorry ass at work it wouldnt be so bad, but he is a dumb prick at work and I sick of putting up with his shit there and at home.

I want to make a list of all of the stupid things he constantly does, like breaking beer botles by the fire pit, where he walks around in bare feet. Just to show him that he is a Darwin case waiting to happen. He is one “idea” away from natural selection.

Fuck him

OK I’m Done

probably not, the fucker still makes me mad

Tackt? Isn’t that what you do with a poster? Hey Billy-Bob. This poster what I tackt to the wall, is it straight, er whut?

Rant: 2 on a scale of 10
Literacy:. -2 on a scale of 10
The beat is weak, and I can’t dance to it

I think you meant “Sckrew Tackt”.

Fucken eh.

Though the beer cap in the tub is a new one on me.

Well, if the roommate is an English teacher, showing him this post would scare him off. Or put him so badly off his feed that he’s likely to fade away from inanition.
Given the number of bad roommates that you’ve been through, maybe it’s time to re-examine your interviewing process?

Wow, and here I thought Tackt was a poster who’d been a jerk in GD or something.


Or possibly she should re-examine the one common factor in all her failed roommate relationships.

I am so sorry that in my haste to rant I didn’t do a complete spell and grammar check to please all you literary fanatics. Next time I will make sure that I make poetics out of my bitching
Which brings me to my next point IT WAS A RANT!!!
Generally when people are pissed off about something emotions take over spelling, and excuse me if I don’t proofread a fucking rant!!!

Get off your high horse and out of the dictionary there is a great big world outside of grammar believe it or not

How do you wash your hair while you’re wearing a beer cap? That makes no sense at all…

My grammar’s in the kitchen making cookies.

I think Tackt is the roommate’s name and Ludy has teh hotz for him.

“Screw Tackt” as the OP and near the end she writes “fuck him”.

Somebody has a cru-ush.

Ludy and Tackt sittn in a tree
Furst cums lov
Then cums maarage
Blech, I can’t do that any longer it’s making me stoopider.

Ludy, we’re quite used to bad grammar and spelling on this board, but cohesiveness, even in a rant, is a necessity. There are many other places on the net to place incohesive rants, and you will be lauded for it at those boards, blogs and journals. The Straight Dope is not one of those places.

That said, you need a better class of roommates, and a spine with which to confront the current one. Perhaps, as others have suggested, you should examine why you end up with such sorry roommates.

If you decide to hang around, you’ll learn that it’s always a good practice to proofread here. Misspellings and bad grammar make for poor reading and tend to receive the wrath of Cecil’s minions.

I know there must be something wrong with my spelling and/or grammar here, but I’ll be damned if I can find it.

I believe it was Terry Pratchett who said that five exclamation points was proof of an insane mind? Yep, here it is, page 251 of the paperback edition of Reaper Man:

“Windle shook his head sadly. Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.”

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this selective photographic memory. All I can quote verbatim is Terry Pratchett :frowning:

The guy obviously is being a tool but I think you’ve got to get over this notion that he’s just going to attribute your concerns to a PMS outbreak and bring to his attention what he’s doing that’s pissing you off. If he’s a lazy slob, and it certainly sounds like he is, he’s not going to change unless given some stimulating motivation. Try a simple talk first. If he’s still unresponsive then suggest he find housing elsewhere.

Btw, and pardon me if I’m just some freakish exception, but where is it that men and women comingle as housemates? All my “roommates” were guys like me. The only times I’ve lived with a woman was when she was a romantic interest. I think it’s great… just unusual.

I ended up with that roommate because I had mentioned to somebody that I was looking and if they knew of anyone to let me know, and they told this person that I was looking. I was not keen on this person living there from the get go but he was commuting for 1 1/2 hours each way and I work in a small town where it is very difficult to find anyplace to stay. So I caved, I let him move in. As I said I could probably handle him as a roommate if he wasn’t such a bad coworker. A fact I didn’t know when he moved in. He was fine for the first month but after that he started to go downhill.
I don’t confront him because he puts up defenses as soon as any criticism is mentioned, he takes offence very easily and it would drastically hurt the working relationship, which is already thin as is. He is getting in shit from the higher ups more and more and is uncertain with his standing right now. So any further comments against him could be damaging, especially coming from me. We are at the same level and I am the favored employee, he already barely listens to me I don’t need him getting personal about it as well.
If he gets pissed off at me, he is the type of person who would hold a grudge and as much as I hate to say it, for at least the next month and a half I need him.

I know that he needs to put on his big boy pants and grow up, but if I tell him that the rest of my summer will be a living hell.
I wrote the rant because I needed to vent.
That’s all

Oh I forgot to mention
Most of the past roommates that were less than great were assigned while I was at University. I had no choice but to put up with them.
Dorms what can I say

Don’t take it too personally. This is the Pit and we’re a tough crowd.


I’m female, but I have more guy friends than girl friends. I’ve had a number (4) of male roommates, and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. I have had problems with two female roommates, but one my freshman year roomie that the college set up for us, and the other was a friend that I didn’t want to live with but didn’t want to say no to a friend who was looking for a place to live.