Scrubs 12/14

I didn’t see a thread, so feel free to point me in the right direction if there is one.

Now, oddly enough, I didn’t see this episode because I had a business dinner. Can someone give me a synopsis?

Strangely enough, not really. I love Scrubs but it was kind of a blah episode, and I really can’t tell you what happened.



Post-birth Carla offhandedly mentioned that she might never go back to work. Turk spent the rest of the episode panicking that they couldn’t afford raising the baby on just his doctor salary. Darn if I can’t remember the baby girl’s name though.

J.D. and his pregnant girlfriend find they really like each other. Looks like J.D.'s life is all in place but at the end, she gets a job offer in Tacoma, Washington.

The Janitor quits when Kelso won’t get the support staff a dental plan and goes to work at the new “Coffeebucks” which was opened inside the hospital. Also, working there, the imcompentent med student from last season.

Oops…forgot Elliot’s storyline. She stands up to a private practice doc in for treatment. As a reward, he offers her a job at his practice (he says she can continue working at the hospital, so I don’t think this is a way to write her out of the show). Cox tells her private practice is evil, but at the end, she accepts.

The baby’s name is Isabella.

The tie together of the episode was that in pretty much every shot, everybody’s carrying a coffe from the new Coffeebucks.

I liked Ted’s reflexes.

Turk was worried about anyone holding Isabella. He would wing a tennis ball at them, to ensure they had good hands. Ted deftly fielded it. Eliott, however, kept getting knocked down, missing the ball, breaking stuff. She couldn’t hold Isabella, until late in the show, she saved the ball after getting knocked down. She proudly proclaimed, “I’m going to hold the hell out of that baby.”

A little later, while talking to the private practice doc, she mentions she was holding the baby but dropped it. Fortunately, Carla was there to catch Isabella.

And Janitor gets immediately promoted to Coffee Bucks manager for his new ideas after he introduces a new drink, coffee with tobacco bits.

Of course, I didn’t see anyone give the reason for the support staff switching to working Coffeebucks - specifically, that the Coffeebucks employees had Dental coverage.



That’s the tallest he’ll ever get.

The support staff demand dental coverage from Kelso who claims they are young and don’t need it. They all “pull out” a tooth except for one guy who actually pulls out a tooth. Janitor says no problem, he hads a monkey tooth in his shop that will be a good replacement.

D’oh! How did I forget the funniest part! :o

When the Janitor was in Coffeebucks earlier in the episode, the dropped out intern from last season was working there and had braces. The Janitor asked him about it and he said they had a dental plan.

Dropped HER, not it. Isabella is a person. :wink:

OK, Isabella is really just a make believe TV character, not an actual person, but you know what I mean.

Well, it’s probably a doll in many of the scenes, so I’ll stand by my original statement. :cool:

I thought it was a pretty solid episode.

The Smokeaccino was great, as was “I’m gonna go hold the hell outta that baby.”

Cox’s tip jar was a great idea. I’m thinking about carrying one around myself.


Kelso eventually hires the janatorial staff back and gives them the dental plan, for two reasons:

A) The hospital was full of coffee cups from the Coffeebucks.
B) As manager, Janitor strictly enforced the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason (and “being Dr. Kelso” is a reason).

One of my favorite bits was at the beginning, where there’s the giant line for the coffee place. The camera zooms around, following the line to the end, and the guy looks up and sees that he’s standing right in front of another Coffeebucks. The end of the line starts to turn around, and the camera zooms back, finally stopping at Ted, who looks both ways and wails, “Now I’m at the end of both lines!”