Scrubs 4/4/06

Did I miss it, or did nobody start a thread for last night’s Scrubs?

How could we let the week pass without at least mentioning the best dialog exchange of the evening?

Jordan: You know, one of the reasons I divorced Perry was because of his last name.
Elliot: You don’t like Cox?
Jordan: Actually, I love Cox.
The Todd: Greatest conversation ever.

“My God that’s a big sausage!”
I liked J.D.'s butt transplant dance.

PS- There’s a very good chance this show will not be returning even though it’s still getting great ratings. The contracts of the cast members are up for renewal and according to scuttlebutt they all want huge raises as they want to make movies. NBC execs have said that if they meet the pay demands they’ll lose money on the show (rather like they did on Cheers which was breaking even or losing money depending on the report in the last few seasons when even the supporting characters were earning millions).

Of course it could be an NBC intimidation tactic.

I hope that’s all it is.

What I’m wondering, though…what else has NBC got? Four Kings? Joey? Will and Grace?

They’ve got Earl and The Office, and I think those shows are as much a niche as Scrubs.


Please don’t scare me like this. :smack:

Let’s all send them pictures of David Caruso.

The Cox exchange is my favorite Scrubs moment ever. I was laughing so hard that I nearly choked on my water.


I read somewhere the other day that the only cast member NOT under contract for next year (ABC, who produces the show, has an option) was Braff.

Either way, renewal may hinge on Scrubs success on iTunes. Scrubs is the first show that has two different corporate parents to be released to iTunes.

But like I told my wife, if the show ends after season 5, I’ll be content. Five great seasons is not a bad run. Anything else was gravy.

“I’m needed elsewhere.”

I also enjoyed:

  • Dr. Kelso’s affection for his dog.
  • The old intern made a sex joke that cracked me up, but I can’t recall.
  • Brick House
  • JD in Blackface and later getting bowled.
  • JD and Turk’s admiration for the cruise comedian.
  • The stare wars

Cox’s “Happy Place” was also fun – especially the first time he came out of it, when Jordan and Elliot had arranged for their “double date”…

Cox: Something horrible just happened…

Ditto. I think we should all have David Caruso pictures handy in cases where actors think if they go into movies, they’ll hit it big. I like Braff and all, and think Garden State was a good movie, but I don’t think he’ll have the same success in that medium.

I exchanged emails with Rob “the Todd” Maschio recently. This seems like a pretty good space to fill you all in on something my wife and I have wondered.

I wrote:

We had always wondered that. He wrote back in about two days with this answer. I’m Brian, by the way.

Nice guy. I wrote back and he wrote again. Seems laid back.

Don’t forget their new smash hit, Teachers! :rolleyes:

PS I am a teacher.

…exactly. And I’ll soon be marrying a teacher. Well, eventually.

I haven’t gotten her opinion, but I’m guessing it’ll be a big ‘blech’ from her, too.

So, again, besides Law & Order, L&O:SVU, L&O:CI…what does NBC have? Teachers has to go, which is a shame, because I’d like to see Sarah Alexander do well.