#SD tries Cybersex aka A heartbreaking tale of staggering horniness

Who’da thunk it that I would make a good Fundie?

Yeah MrC, and I sure pulled that whole Thessalonians thing out of the air, I had no idea I had so much repressed Catholic upbringing in me. :wink:

I would also like to add that Nym’s constant use of caps and creative spelling in and of itself was hysterical.

I just wanna say you guys KICK ASS. That was the funniest thing I’ve read in months. I gotta join chat now.

I am so proud to be associated with you guys.


What server is this room hosted in?

please clue in the unaware…
Thanks in advance

I must say this was one of the best times that I have ever had on IRC. MrCyn was amazing in there, and am glad I could have been a part of.


::sighs:: Of course, the Lick Monster of Chat had to be suffering through a bad '70s production of Othello while this was going on…

I’m with PurePhreak here…“you’se guys been holding out on me??”
What server can I find #SD on? Underlink?Dalnet? where and details please as I have Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much free time on my hands. Thank you for your time…

robgruver I totally missed your line about touching certain… parts… with your feet. I read the log and I’m still laughing about it!

Undernet. #straightdope. But be patient, Undernet has been having lots of problems lately. Getting in takes a while.

Yadda yadda not affiliated with the Chicago Reader or the Straight Dope Message Board. What Jophiel said.

I still can’t belive some of the stuff I said. Including some interesting sexual positions with someone who later turns out to be a guy if I am not mistaken… Hoooboooy. :slight_smile:

[sub]I must really be a 3 on the Kinsey scale[/sub]

*** illegal- (g-hrafn@ has joined #straightdope
<robgruver> I know, such is life eh?

  • Silo pours a can of pop on slvr’s head
  • Doobieous cuts himself open to let the excitement out
  • slvrfire kicks Silo in the junk again.
    <Nymysys> a/s/l?
    <slvrfire> a/s/l illegal?
    <robgruver> 17/m/Houston/8"
    -> Ops #straightdope: Oh god… Not again!! LOL Nym!!!
    -LeSang- [WALLOPS/#straightdope] not again…
    <robgruver> Hehe…
  • Silo kicks slvr in the junk
    <illegal-> I thought a/s/l resulted in verbal abuse? :wink: http://home.earthlink.net/~finch986/SDSexLog.html
    -Doobieous:@#straightdope- good god
    *** illegal- is now known as Morrisons
  • Morrisons Lament
    <Rasa> BAITERS!
    <Doobieous> age: 21 sex: male location: hell
    <slvrfire> Oh fuck off!!!
    <robgruver> Mater baiters.
    <Morrisons> as seen on the SDMB

Hey, we tried. We were wrongly tricked though. Sneaky bastard. :wink:

[sub]The bolding is where we were speaking only to each other and “illegal” couldn’t see.[/sub]

Reading about your SD asdventures made my nipples hard. So naturally I rubbed them against the computer screen. Too much testoss.


Now what I want to know is where in the HELL did I pick that up from? Has my other personality been out trolling #teen when I’m not looking? It IS right next to #straightdope on my channel options, you know. :smiley:

giggles hysterically

It is even funnier reading the damn log today than it was yesterday.

So Nym? Do you like me touching you? Grins
MikeG: Just as well I am virtually married to both you and Nym or there could be some virtual divorces.

Silo: Giggles I am so sorry :wink: I don’t know where the comment came from!

sniff that was pure poetry