#SD tries Cybersex aka A heartbreaking tale of staggering horniness

We’re all about fighting ignorance. Not just here on the boards, but also in those murkey seas of the undernet. It must be stamped out, irradicated, picked to death, and not allowed to scab back over. Occasionally though, we grow weary of that task. It’s a rough life, and the scars are deep. We need something to enliven us, to rejuvinate. So sometimes you must toy with ignorance, foster it, play it along, befriend it, and then STAMP STAMP STAMP, snuff it out life baby jesus at a monster truck rally. This is the harrowing, breath taking, 100% factual, log of such an encounter. It happened in SD Chat. And involved a cast of characters that you all are probably somewhat familiar with.
For those not familiar with the intricacies of IRC, photon was a bot being controlled by myself.
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What? You want the actual log? fine fine… you can find it HERE

I laughed so hard I cried. I was proud to be a part. And ‘Nymysys: I WUZ GONE SORRY. DID ANYONE CUM?’ seems to be settled topic on #SD. <sigh>

Heh. Nice job on the intro, Oldie. We actually spent about an hour before we decided to make a page and post to it.

I logged it. I made the page. You shower me in praise. Got it? :smiley:

I meant “make a page and post a link to it” of course.

I thought it was pretty funny while it was happening. Then I read the log. I can’t believe how much I missed, despite the fact that I was right there! Oh my GOD, that was fun! HAHAHA!!! I’m going to print it out and put it with my “Priceless Chat Sessions” and “Amazing Threads”. :smiley:

Gahd-DAMN, am I so sorry I missed this! Any chance of inviting ol’ Fran back for an encore!? :smiley:

I would like to add that I believe that was the most beautiful use of the phrase “WOO! LOOK AT RASA!” that I have ever seen.

The best part is, she really DID send “all the ladies” her picture!

I only caught the tail end of it and at the time I was like WTF!? IS THE ROOM ON SPANISH FLY OR SOMETHING (I had just come home from taking my mom to dinner and thought I’d pop in for a sec)! After reading through the log…I realized what was up…LMAO! – pretty funny junk.


She gave them to me, too. (I was a 12/m/Tx, remember?)

Damn! I can’t believe I missed this.

I’m really proud of you guys. It was… perfect. <sniff>

She gave me a photo, too. I was 21/m/tx, IIRC.

I missed this!?#@ DAMNIT@#!$#

You people are beautiful! There’s nothing quite as satisying as destroying the mind of random people.


Some day, i will burn this computer.

There was a “best part”? I thought it was all pretty good.

Aaaah…that is SO why I love you people! That was priceless!

[sub]…and it’s also why it’s going to take me a looooong time to get up enough courage to go in to chat…[/sub]

Silver it was all solid gold, but the part where everyone starts talking about jesus, outta the blue, BAM!

And i missed it.

i MISSED it!


Aww, Persephone, don’t be a-skared of us! We only baited this poor soul because what she did was so stereotpyically teen chat-room behaviour. We’d never treat well-intentioned people that way! Normally we sit around and contemplate our navels. Or each other’s navels. :wink:

I missed so much of that!! Thanks for the log, you guys. Although, I think we missed some of the juicier stuff because Wood left…perhaps Fran will grace us with her presence again soon… :wink:
Persephone, we’re basically harmless. Usually it’s just a boring Mr. C and Demo jizz fest. And that can easily be ignored! :rolleyes:

Yeah Upham, Mr. Cynical did a great job. :slight_smile: I’m still giggling.

Heehee! :smiley:

I am weeping. Yea; weeping that I MISSED THIS TOO.

Oh my god, you guys are incredible. Oh, man. My sides.

I hate “me too” posts, so I say, on my own two feet, and not merely seconding Upham’s opinion:


Man. Y’all. Man. Ow.