SDMB Big League Fantasy Football 2019

Last year’s thread
This will be year 11 of this league.

You must attend the draft to play in this league. Auto drafted teams are not viable due to the structure of it.

Also, please don’t change your name dramatically. I know some people like a new funny name each year, but when we did that no one ever knew who they were playing because the names changed so often. It’s better to be identifiable and have people remember who you are. So either keep something similar to the name you’ve been using in this league, or something close to your SDMB name.

Provisional draft date will be Wed, Sep 4 at 8 eastern. That is our traditional (relative) draft time.

We will be recruiting at least 2 new players this year to get us back to 20, and any replacements we need for anyone who isn’t staying this year. Priority will be given to SDMB members, but if we come up short then friends and family can be invited in this league so long as they will attend the draft and play out the year with us without quitting.

Due to a change in the way yahoo handles renewing leagues, it automatically renews everyone without anyone actually accepting an invite, which means that I don’t know who actually would want to accept their invite. To get around this, I had to boot and re-invite everyone to the league. Please accept your invite if you intend to play, or PM me or post on this thread if you won’t be playing this year.

Any sort of changes or proposals are open for discussion. One I remember getting general agreement during the draft was that we’d get rid of kickers this year, if only to save the 20 or so minutes they add to the drafting process.

2018 results:

  1. The Dented Pixels (Pixel Dent)
  2. John’s Dandy Team (Hamlet)
  3. Rough and Tumblrs (enalzi)
  4. Garcon’s Cedilla (off-board)
  5. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  6. The Str8dope My Foot (Covfefe)
  7. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
  8. Inglewood Chargers (mhendo)
  9. RshawnHochuliPeppers (Darth Sensitive)
  10. No Use For A Name (Retrovertigo)
  11. Team Anonymous (motu)
  12. eschrodinger’s cats (eschrodinger)
  13. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted Glass)
  14. Fourth and Nineteen (Wilson)
  15. Bloom County Bills (It’s Not Rocket Surgery!)
  16. Nine Inch Neils (Really Not All That Bright)
  17. Alex’s Team (off-board)
  18. Up By Three (Taber)

Previous years:

  1. Cobra Kai (Boozahol Squid, PI)
  2. Donte’s Torino (Taber)
  3. Fightin’ Quakers (Furt)
  4. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
  5. No Use For A Name II (RetroVertigo)
  6. Frosted_Lightning
  7. Varlos’ Zzzzzz
  8. We Do HGH (Stringer)
  9. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
  10. Antonican Druids (Oakminster)
  11. Quentin’s Jammers (Jules Andre)
  12. Team Ed Gruberman (It’s Not Rocket Surgery)
  13. Kid_A
  14. Unrelated Siblings Uncle Brother Walker)
  15. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  16. Phoenix Redbirds (dalej42)
  17. Master Baiters (mhendo)
  18. Stinkers (Stink Pot Fish)
  19. The Gusterrhoids (Justin_Bailey)
  20. Court Jesters (D_odds)


  1. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  2. Varlos’ Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)
  3. Hamlets Out of Ideas (Hamlet)
  4. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
  5. Garcon’s Cedilla (friend of MrSquishy)
  6. Not Sure (brickbacon)
  7. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
  8. Up by three (Taber)
  9. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
  10. CMFD (Chuck, off board)
  11. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
  12. The Gusterrhoids (Justin Bailey)
  13. Hey There Fancypants (Mr Squishy)
  14. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted Glass)
  15. The Brute Squad (Only Mostly Dead)
  16. Court Jesters (d_odds)
  17. Return of Ryan Leaf (Mhendo)
  18. Sizzurp Sippers (Gray Ghost)
  19. Unrelated Siblings (Uncle Brother Walker)
  20. Phoenix Redbirds (dalej42)


  1. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  2. Hamlets Out Of Ideas (Hamlet)
  3. Court Jesters (d_odds)
  4. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
  5. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted_Glass)
  6. Hey There Fancypants (MrSquishy)
  7. Up By Three (Taber)
  8. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
  9. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
  10. The Brute Squad (Only Mostly Dead)
  11. Living Through Them (Gray Ghost)
  12. Not Sure (brickbacon)
  13. The Gusterrhoids (Justin Bailey)
  14. Garcon’s Cedillia (off-board friend of MrSquishy)
  15. Return of Ryan Leaf (mhendo)
  16. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
  17. CMFD (Chuck, off board)
  18. Unrelated Siblings (Uncle Brother Walker)
  19. Phoenix Redbirds (dalej42)
  20. Varlos’ Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)


  1. The Fleas (Wilson)
  2. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
  3. Overly Sentimental (Chuck, off board)
  4. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
  5. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  6. Unrelated Siblings (Uncle Brother Walker)
  7. Rough n Tumblrs (Enalzi)
  8. Cobra Kai (Boozahol Squid, PI)
  9. Living Through Them (Gray Ghost)
  10. Not Sure (brickbacon)
  11. Garcon’s Cedillia (off-board friend of MrSquishy)
  12. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
  13. Up By Three (Taber)
  14. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
  15. Court Jesters (d_odds)
  16. Return of Ryan Leaf (mhendo)
  17. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
  18. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted_Glass)
  19. Phoenix Redbirds (dalej42)
  20. 9 Inch Neils (RNATB)


  1. poopiusdickimus (off-board friend of Overly Sentimental)
  2. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
  3. Overly Sentimental (Chuck)
  4. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
  5. Up By Three (Taber)
  6. 9 Inch Neils (RNATB)
  7. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  8. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
  9. Rough And Tumblrs (Enalzi)
  10. Living Through Them (Gray Ghost)
  11. Garcon’s Cedillia (Off-board friend of MrSquishy)
  12. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
  13. Court Jesters (d_odds)
  14. Definite Maybe (WereKoala)
  15. Not Sure (brickbacon)
  16. The Fleas (Wilson)
  17. Frosted Lightning (Frosted Glass)
  18. Cobra Kai (Boozahol Squid, PI)
  19. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
  20. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)


  1. Up By Three (Taber)
  2. Garcon’s Cedillia (Off-board friend of MrSquishy)
  3. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
  4. Rough and Tumblrs (Enalzi)
  5. Nine Inch Neils (RNATB)
  6. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
  7. Robber Barons (Munch)
  8. Overly Sentimental (Chuck)
  9. Living Through Them (Gray Ghost)
  10. Frosted Lightning (Frosted Glass)
  11. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
  12. Not Sure (brickbacon)
  13. Court Jesters (d_odds)
  14. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  15. poopiusdickimus (Off-board friend of Overly Sentimental)
  16. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
  17. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
  18. Definite Maybe (WereKoala)
  19. Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
  20. Varlos’ Zzzzz (VarlosZ)


  1. Overly Sentimental (Chuck)
  2. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
  3. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted Glass)
  4. Not Sure (brickbacon)
  5. Rough and Tumblrs (Enalzi)
  6. Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
  7. Robber Barons (Munch)
  8. Court Jesters (d_odds)
  9. Garcon’s Cedilla (Off-board friend of MrSquishy)
  10. Varlos’Zzzzzz (VarlosZ)
  11. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  12. poopiusdickimus (off-board friend of Overly Sentimental)
  13. Darnassus Druids (Oakminster)
    14 Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
  14. Up By Three (Taber)
  15. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
  16. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
  17. Nine Inch Neils (RNATB)
  18. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
  19. Definite MAYBE (WereKoala)


  1. No Use For A Name II (RetroVertigo)
  2. Not Sure (brickbacon)
  3. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
  4. Garcon’s Cedillia
  5. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
  6. Overly Sentimental
  7. Rough n Tumblrs (Enalzi)
  8. Inglewood Chargers (mhendo)
  9. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  10. poopiusdickimus
  11. Varlos’ Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)
  12. Court Jesters (d_odds)
  13. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
  14. Bloom County Bills (It’s Not Rocket Surgery!)
  15. Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
  16. Up By Three (Taber)
  17. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
  18. Nine Inch Neils (Really Not All That Bright)
  19. Fourth and Nineteen (Wilson)
  20. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted Glass)


  1. Up By Three (Taber)
  2. The Dented Pixels (Pixel Dent)
  3. poopiusdickamus
  4. No Use For A Name 2 (Retrovertigo)
  5. Fourth and Ninteen (Wilson)
  6. Team Anonymous (motu)
  7. Court Jesters (d_odds)
  8. Overly Sentimental
  9. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  10. Not Sure (brickbacon)
  11. Garcon’s Cedillia
  12. Bloom County Bills (It’s Not Rocket Surgery)
  13. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
  14. Frosted Lightning (Frosted Glass)
  15. Nine Inch Neils (Really Not All That Bright)
  16. The Str8Dope My Foot (Covfefe)
  17. Inglewood Chargers (mhendo)
  18. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
  19. Rough and Tumblrs (Enalzi)
  20. Varlos’ Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)

Woohoo! I’m in.

Draft date works fine for me. I’m back on the east coast now, so it will be a late night.

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year…

Draft time works for me. Remember, nom early, nom often.

I think last year we were discussing getting rid of kickers?

Did I do this last year? I know I did a few but I’ll be damned if I can remember which one…regardless…I got an invite to do this one and I’m cool with it. Draft day works for me too.

ETA: Ha! Shows what I know, my invite was for a different Fantasy league. See? Told you I can’t remember these things

I’m in again. Draft time is a little early for me, but I think I can make it work.

I think I’m out this year (and likely next). Grad school classes only meet Wednesday and completely cover the draft. Sorry y’all.

I’m in (Tean Anon) but not sure about Alex, I asked him, no answer yet, but am hesitant because I’m embarrassed by his lack of participation last year

Alright, we’ll be able to recruit at least 3 or 4 players this year. We had to play 2 shorthanded last year, and I think we’re losing two players since then.

I’ll send some PMs around and post in the other leagues, but if anyone has a friend who’d be interested in our league, so long as they can make the draft and will participate through the year they’re welcome to join.

I’m back (nothing grounds me like how badly I always do in this format) but my invite doesn’t work.

ETA: never mind, just saw the new one.

I’m not seeing that listed on the league page. It currently says league has not drafted yet, but has no Live Draft listed like mine does in our keeper league. Am I missing something?

Just me forgetting to set the draft date. It’s set now.

We’re still only at 15 this year. Ideally I want to get up to 20, but if we have to we can settle on 18 like we did last year. I’m going to start aggressively recruiting. If any of you want to recruit someone, feel free, as long as they can attend the draft and at least manage their roster from week to week and not quit mid season that’s fine.

If anyone is interested, we could use one more player in the all-pro league this year. It’s my oldest league, running since 2004. We’re adding a superflex spot this year to shake it up. Draft is on Thursday at 8 eastern.

Alright, we’re at 16, but I’d really rather not run short handed this year. If anyone can recruit anyone else, do so, but if we have open slots on the last day I may try to recruit random people from fantasy football forums who seem interested/can make the draft. I want to hit 20 this year whichever way we have to get there.

I say get them wherever you can.

This league really is at its most fun and interesting when we’ve got the full 20 people, and everyone is reaching way down into the depth charts to field a team.

I wish I could help, but literally almost no-one I know is a keen football fan, let alone a fantasy player. My friends and I spend more time talking English Premier League than NFL.

I somehow didn’t put it together until just now, but I’ll miss the first hour or so of the draft. I’ve got class.

We used to start this league at 8:30 eastern anyway at the request of some of the west coasters who needed to start it later. And we’re dropping kickers this year (I know I didn’t hold a vote but it was unanimous in the draft chat last year) to speed up the draft a little. Would anyone hate if we moved the draft back to draft back to 5:30? If it’s a problem for anyone, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience everyone just for my sake, but often we end up having people being 10-20 minutes late every year anyway, and if you’re worried about how long the draft is you always have the option of spending your money early and checking out of the draft early.

No big deal if that’s a problem for someone. I’ll still be able to attend the draft as soon as I can and should be able to draft a viable team.

Would be fine with me, but I’m not on the west coast.

I’m fine with it, but I’m smack dab in the middle.

I may be interested. Is it an auction draft?

And on which site is it hosted?

Yes, it’s auction, and it’s on yahoo.

I’d be happy with 5:30