SDMB Book Exchange

A couple months ago, there was a thread about giving away books to each other. I can’t seem to find the thread, so I’m starting a new one. Below are books I’m willing to mail off to whoever claims 'em (Americans only - sorry, I’m too cheap to pay overseas shipping). Email if interested, and post any you’ve got up for grabs.

Brite, Poppy Z., Exquisite Corpse, Paperback
Cabot, Meg, All-American Girl, Paperback
Conlon, Gerry, In The Name Of The Father, Paperback
Groening, Matt, Akbar & Jeff’s Guide to Life, Paperback
Groening, Matt, Love is Hell, Paperback
Groening, Matt, School is Hell, Paperback
Hiaasen, Carl, Basket Case, Paperback
Hiaasen, Carl, Stormy Weather, Hardcover
Kessel, John, Good News From Outer Space, Paperback
Lewis, Michael, Liar’s Poker, Paperback
McCarthy, Tara, Been There, Haven’t Done That, Hardcover
O’Dwyer, Starbuck, Red Meat Cured Cancer, Paperback
Rowling, J.K., Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Paperback
Scoville, Thomas, Silicon Follies, Hardcover
Stahl, Jerry, Perv - A Love Story, Hardcover
Staten, Vince, Do Bald Men Get Half-Price Haircuts?, Paperback
Tarloff, Erik, Face Time, Hardcover
Waterfield, Giles, The Hound In The Left-Hand Corner, Paperback

Okay, I have the following:

Christopher Hyde, Wisdom of the Bones
Sylvia Maultash Warsh, Find Me Again
Nina Revoyr, Southland

All three were nominees for the Edgar award for best paperback of 2003; Find Me Again was the winner.


David Daniel, Goofy Foot
B.J. Mountford, Bloodlines of Shackleford Banks
Sue Grafton, P is for Peril
Sue Walker, The Reunion
H.R.F. Keating, The Dreaming Detective

These are all hardcover mystery novels.


Hilarity wants the Hiaasens. Doesn’t anybody else want to provide a good home for these unwanted books?