SDMB dusty old farts

When I first joined this forum 15 years ago I was a strapping young lad and had the distinct impression that a lot of you were significantly older than me. Now, 15 years later, the age difference is the same, but it’s eminently clear that while we are all 15 years wiser, you guys have advanced to the stage of being too damn old to get up out of your rocking chairs so you don’t have to breath in your own dusty ass farts. You just sit there and smell it, cough on the dust, reflect on the nuances of the aroma and how they relate to your impending death, and in what could be your last act every time, press a button so your nurse can come change your dustbin of a diaper.

Word to the wise: walking speed is probably the strongest correlate of death controlling for age, and if you’ve lost your sense of humor, you’re already dead.

Is this about the fact that someone didn’t get a supposed “joke” you posted? That’s pretty fucking lame.

What bug flew up your ass?

You forgot to mention the clouds and the lawn.

You might want to check Colibri’s pulse.

Since this actually appears to be a disguised complaint about moderation, I’m closing it.
If you want to complain about moderation, take it to ATMB.