SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 12

Jules Andre is our 2020 Dynasty League Champion.

  1. HungryHungryHaruspex
  2. Warner’s Brothers
  3. JB’s Gusterrhoids
  4. Ides of Martz
  5. Moridwon (Hamlet)
  6. Isotopes
  7. Overly Sentimental
  8. The Great Old Ones
  9. New York Fanboys
  10. No Use For A Name
  11. Exploding Pancakes
  12. Nine Inch Neils

Which makes our draft order (ignoring traded picks for this list)

  1. Nine Inch Neils
  2. Exploding Pancakes
  3. No Use For A Name
  4. New York Fanboys
  5. Moridwon (Hamlet)
  6. The Great Old Ones
  7. Overly Sentimental
  8. Isotopes
  9. Ides of Martz
  10. JB’s Gusterrhoids
  11. Warner’s Brothers
  12. HungryHungryHaruspex

That’s just reverse order of standings with #5 going to the consolation bracket winner (Hamlet). I’ll figure out trades later.

I have Jules’ #10 pick in the first round, and he has my last pick. And I guess now is as good a time as any to note that the #1 pick is available for trade, because I’m not planning to take Trevor Lawrence.

I have a top 6 RB on my team this year.

No, not Nick Chubb. David Montgomery, somehow. He has a high floor and has been getting better all year.

My biggest weakness - RB - might go to my biggest strength next year. Nick Chubb is probably the best pure runner in the league, David Montgomery is top 6 this year, JK Dobbins has flashed with his opportunities this year (and currently has 13 carries for 160 yards and 2 TDs) and I get the #2 overall pick.

Just in case you’re not totally burned out by fantasy football or pick ‘ems or survival picks or of NFL football, I created a group, entitled SDMB (I know, I’m super-original), for’s playoff challenge.

The gist of it is you pick players you think will score the most fantasy points, and if their team is eliminated, you pick new players. But if their team wins, you get bonus points (2x, 3x, 4x) for as far as they go through the playoffs. So it’s an interesting mix of fantasy and pick ‘em games.

The group website is here: NFL playoff challenge

The group name is SDMB.
The password is: cecil.

Join in if you like. Its one last shot at winning at fantasy football.

And, no, despite the warnings of this site, this is not spam. Think of it as spam-adjacent.

Just in case you were looking for a super sleeper draft pick next season, better not make it Josh Gordon. Suspended indefinitely again.

Baltimore cut Mark Ingram, and so it is inevitable that JK Dobbins is the #1 RB next year, which, combined with Josh Allen ascending to a new plane of existence, will usher in a new era of Beef dominance that will eclipse the sun.

I went ahead and renewed the league in yahoo so it’s joinable. I’ll make a new thread for this year sometime in the next week.

Just a heads up: If you had thoughts about ducking out last season and are still not super into this league going into this season, please let us know as soon as possible. We have one manager lined up as a replacement, so don’t feel guilty about stepping down if you aren’t into the commitment. That said, if two of you are not feeling it, well, one of you has to sack up.

I am absolutely coming back. So close and yet so far last year. I can’t wait!

Yeah count me in. I identified my 3 cuts and then even did a mock of our first 16 picks, covering to my second round 2.4 pick. Sadly, both my picks at 1.4 and 2.4 as mocked went poorly. Here’s hoping the real draft goes better. (Maybe I should take that as a sign to do some trading?)

We have traditionally started drafting Sunday during the 3rd week of preseason. With only 3 preseason games now, I guess we should start the Sunday of the 2nd week?

Also, now with 17 games (18 weeks) in a season, should we extend the season an extra week, maybe? Have our championship game in week 17 of 18 instead of 16 of 17?

There’s a long break between the last preseason games on August 29 and the first game on September 9 which gives a buffer.

Definitely extend the season one week, I don’t like the longer season for real football but it’ll add some roster depth challenge in this league with another week of potential injuries.

Well it looks like my 2021 fantasy season may already be over. I only have four running backs worth bringing into the season, two of whom suck. Meaning I have two running backs:

Christian McCaffrey who is as studly as studly gets.

Cam Akers, who really looked like he was going to become pretty fuckin’ studly. Until he ruptured his Achilles today apparently. Fuck!

Today may have ended my fantasy season before it even began.

Just putting this out there into the universe as a sop to solipsism:

The Rams should trade for Leonard Fournette. The Bucs don’t need him, they’ve still got Jones and can use Gio as a backup.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

New thread is up: