SDMB log in question

Okay, this is going to sound stupid, as I don’t know enough about how this computer or board operates.

Occasionally, when I come to view the message boards here, I am told I can’t reply or post a new thread because I am not logged in. Most recently it was last night and now this morning. So I had to type in my username and password to get in. And the time shown is GMT. This seems to happen randomly. Why would this happen?

Im sure it’ll be put in ATMB in a moment…anyway, what works for me is going back to & getting to the boards from there, that sets for me a proper cookie
with UBB. After doing that I use this URL:
which doesn’t require me to login again.

Arnold on the subject.

Thanks for the replies.

Since this is a question about this message board, I’ll send the thread over to ATMB.

You have your cookies working, Baker? That could be the problem. Personally, I dont like using them up on SDMB so I turned em off. Make sure you dont have them off too.