SDMB mentioned on Plan 9 Website!
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OK, which Doper works for Plan 9, & why haven’t you offered a Doper Discount? :wink: :confused:

The SD message board isn’t mentioned at all. It’s just a link to a Staff Report (not even a Cecil column, fer chrissakes!) Oddly enough, however, they call him Uncle Cecil, which I was sure was a strictly SDMB endearment. So maybe someone there does read the boards!

No, it’s also Cecil’s endearment for himself. :smiley: See for example this column:

Did you mean to post in this thread?

How does Cecil’s column on leap year babies relate to the reference on

It was in reply to

In that column Cecil calls himself “Uncle Cecil”, proving that this name is not limited to this message board.

Really! Hook us up with some discounted Sluggy Freelance swag, here! :smiley:

Aah. Thanks, mkl!