SDMB Pick'Em Bracket Challenge 2007

It’s almost March Madn… Spring §Sychosis, so it’s time for the annual SDMB Pick’Em competition.

Group #: 17619
Password: cecil

I signed up under Insomniacs. Let the games begin!

Indiana University ends a 20 year drought this April.

Hal’s Bricklayers, loaded up and ready for 63 complete and utter wild guesses!

Incidentally – direct link to the site.

I signed “Above the Rim” up yesterday. I love filling out brackets!

Bumping for Selection Sunday. Still plenty of time to join!

Neat! I’m in. Technical Fool shall overcome!

There’s only one time each year that I give the slightest notice to college basketball. As such, my sorry ass always loses any tournament brackets I enter, having no more information than the rankings given to the teams, and maybe how funny looking their mascots are.

But I still have a blast. I’m in!

I’m sure OMD and I will have some sort of household side bet going, but I’m in, and he will be soon.


I’m in, Dance with the one you brung.

Michigan State, led by Tom Izzo and Drew “Lights Out” Neitzel will surprise all comers this year!

This… Is… Spartaaaaa…ns!

I’m in as “College Basketball Bracket”

I am bumping both of these bracket threads to give people one last chance to join. I will have to join this one when I get home. Can’t access it from work.

This is about the 5th or 6th I have done. Nothing but a bunch of guesses, I might get lucky in one.

Same here. I loosely follow the Knicks and Nets, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never watched a college game. So obviously, I fully expect to win it all.

Had a really tough time finding this thread for some reason, but am finally in.

Good luck to everyone!

I’m in as “I’m not a ringer…,” which I’m really not. I’m in five different pools this year, none of them the same - and since a lot of my picks contradict each other, they can’t all be right and I figure I should be able to just enjoy the tournament.

14 out of 16 on day one. Not bad for a rank amatuer. :smiley:

Snug in last place, with two of my final four teams already booted. Yeah, I should do this for a living…

I’m here to claim all the accolades you wish to throw my way.

There is a grand prize, isn’t there?

If you want to know my secret look only at the upsets. It’s all in the upsets.