SDMB UT2004 game tonight?

I may or may not be online to play UT2004 at about 2:00am BST (that’s 9PM EST, I think).

I would set a server up myself but I’ve never done it before. If it is straightforward and I manage it I will call it SDMB.

If not, and another doper willing to play UT2004 with fellow dopers online will oblige, then post here.

One condition It must be Onslaught. IMO that is by far the most enjoyable online game mode.
If this OP seems unusual it is because I have been drinking. But I assure you that I will be completely sober at 2:00am because I will be at work.
All I want to do/try at least once, is to have a game of onslaught with dopers. If it doesn’t work out, so be it. If it does, maybe we can start a regular thing, something big, something significant.

I get off work at 5:00pm central. I will hop on and check it out. I have to admit that I absolutely suck at onslaught, but I will be a nice warm body target. :wink:

It’s either that or watch a whole lotta Ranma 1/2 episodes. Either one sounds fun to me. I will check this post when I get home.

Oh, setting up a server is relatively easy- I think you will be able to manage it. Just go into Host game, Pick the type of game, how many bots, what maps, max score, time, etc by clicking on the various tabs(up at the top), and use the Listen option down in the right hand bottom corner once you have selected all the options you want. There should be an option in one of those to name your server too.

I’ll play, as soon as I can figure out what time that’ll be PST.

I’ll make it easy for you. I am there now.

server name is SDMB

Strange, cannot find it in Onslaught servers. I will keep trying of course. :smiley:

Maybe I’ve done it wrong. Also the ping might be rubbish (let me know)

What if someone else sets one up and I look for it?

I found it only after unchecking “Show Standard Servers.” Not sure what’s non-standard about Lobsang’s server, though. Also, I’m getting some hellacious ping off the server (~200 or so), and can’t seem to log in: I get the black screen with the URL, but it won’t go farther than that.

Ok I’ll close it. anyone else want to open one?

I’ll give it a shot. Hang on.

Okay, should be up. Onslaught, server name is SDMB. It’s a “listen” server, so it won’t show up on the server list unless you uncheck the “show standard servers.”

I’m getting the black screen with url too.

according to the server list there’s 15 players in there already.
do I need the latest patch for ut2004?

Okay, I’m going to set up this computer as a dedicated server, and see if that works any better. It’ll be Onslaught, SDMB again. Gimme five to get it up and running. Won’t be able to check for posts in this thread once I’ve got it going, though, as both my PCs will be running UT2004.

You can read the sdmb while in ut2004… just press the windows key and ut2004 will minimize, i’ts what I’m doing.

Yeah, I figured that out as soon as I hit submit. Which should give you some idea of the sort of technical expertise I’m bring to the table in setting up a server.

Okay, it’s up and running, and I’m logged in over my home LAN.

I’m just getting a black screen.
I tried to download the latest patch but the patch link is borked. I don’t think it matters for online play though,

Getting the black screen as well, might try to start my own with some bots, will name it SDMB2K4…