SDMB Valentines Day crush confessions...

Well, what with the plethora of virtual weddings, virtual engagements, and other virtual-less-than-mentionables that happen in the threads around here; and considering that Valentines day is a day for these (and the rejections they engender - but that’s a different thread), I thought I’d start the virtual-crush confession thread.

So here’s mine:

I have a virtual-crush on TruePisces. It’s just something about the way she writes…

So there it is. I’ve said it.

Don’t leave me hangin, people





I’m honored and flattered and… and… and…


Okay, I’ll play.

Other than my virtual spouses, I have a crush on:

Crunchy Frog ('cause he makes me laugh)

Vestal Blue (He’s a pilot! Do I need another reason?)

Chief Scott (Sailors… ::sigh::slight_smile:

and I’m starting to get a soft spot for Sapphire Bullet after that Valentine’s Day card she sent me. I’m still laughing about that.

Have had a crush on Euty and Coldfire for a while, but they doesn’t notice me for all the other adoring females around them. I’m just another face in the crowd. :: sigh :: But then, seeing who those femme fatales are, I can’t blame them. I’m sure they have their hands full (so to speak);).

The shy ladies get me every time…Happy Valentines day!


I have a cyber-crush on TVeblen and BornDodgy. Veb is so even-tempered, grounded, and thoughtful (and likes puppys and library collections). Dodgy is about to be unleashed on the world like Mt. St. Helens (an historic volcano in the Pacific Northwest that changed the climate for a little while way back in the eighties). Mind your manners at those raves Miss D.

Happy Valentines Day to all :wink:

I have the total hots for myself. You know why? Because I am damn sexy! I’m such a stalker, too. I tape my phone conversations so I can check up on myself later, I spy on myself in the shower, I read my diary (Hehe, just kidding. I don’t even have a diary. I really do spy on myself in the shower though.) God damn, I make me so hot. And when I think about me, I touch myself.


kisses Beelzebubba on the cheek Thank you. You’ve just made my Valentine’s Day.

I have a virtual crush on…

Nocturne! :stuck_out_tongue: She’s just so fun to talk to. :wink:

Oh, Speaker, I’m really flattered. I like talking to you, too, and if I wouldn’t feel so lecherous.

Mine’s not exactly a virtual crush, but I’m calling dibs right now on Simetra.

However, if Totoro didn’t have a girlfriend, he’d be my virtual crush.

I can have a virtual crush and a non-virtual one, right?

I’ve developed a crush on Tripler - more often than not he gets me giggling…

And I’ve been not-so-secretly lusting after Crunchy Frog for a while now…

I’ve also noticed that Euty is kinda cute when he gets pissy…

If we really had all the women that everybody says we do, we wouldn’t have our hands full, if you catch what I mean. :wink:

I must admit that I have an amazing large crush on MsRobyn… ::sigh::

To bad we are both married, eh?

::runs off to go sigh heavily and generally be a goth:: :smiley:

I probably shouldn’t announce this in public, but I spy on you in the shower, too.

Nope, this is too easy; I can’t do it.

Blushing like hell!!! UNCLEBEER… OH GOD… Don’t tell!!!

I was wondering who that was, UncleBeer. I’ll be sure to take longer showers from now on. :wink:

Awww, why not??

I don’t always like these threads because someone is bound to feel left out, but…

This is the perfect opportunity to mention my virtual-crush on BigRoryG. Seriously, if I were a few years younger and in Toronto, I’d be all over him. He’s smart, sweet, funny, writes amazing love letters, and is damn cute as well :wink:

Any Valentine of his is a lucky, lucky lady.

Euty and aha. But I think everybody knows that already. :slight_smile:

Oh, and since I saw his pic on the People Pages, robgruver. Hope he doesn’t mind. :smiley:

Not at all! ::faints dead away::

Well, I’ve had a long unrequited newbie crush on Welfy, and I dig on Even Sven quite a bit, but only 'cause she’s local to me…

But hands down, right now I have the hot-n-sweatys for Tequila Mockingbird REAL bad…

Man, you guys don’t even know… hehehehehe

I’m flattered. But I told everyone else in another thread that you will have to figure it out between Falcon, Tequila, Diane, and yourself. Just remember that I don’t put out on the first date unless I get to drive the Zamboni between both periods. . .

And I do have a Crush of my own. It’s soooo orangy and tangy. I’m going to mix it with some vodka. . .

Oooh, oranges. Most sensuous of the citrus family.