Who do you want to be your Valentine on the SDMB?

Well I am shooting arrows right now at Persephone and Ultress.

What… What’s that? Can’t have two Valentines you say? The hell I can’t!

And no Coldfire, I ain’t gonna be your valentine you dutch bastard. :smiley:

Valentine’s my sister. Keep your hands off.


Hey, Aha, can I borrow one of those arrows? Thanks.

:: lines up the bow and releases :: I sure hope that lands where I wanted it to!

aha. :slight_smile: I <3 you.

Crunchy…I pine for you, my bigamist love.

And Jester. I know a love between us can never be…but I’ll keep hoping.

And Gun- Well, I’m trying to muster up some non-platonic affection for you, but well…the other three have taken it all. Sorry. We’ll always have the VVC thread.

Nice thing about being married. I’ve got mine already lined up. :smiley:

Like I said, I shooting arrows right now at persephone, ultress and Zoggie.

Yeh, that’s right screw the chocolate hearts, a Valentine’s harem, is what I want on Valentine’s day.

:: sudden gasp ::

Oooooof! Shot right in the heart with…an arrow!

:: looks down at chest ::

Hey, it’s one of those Cupid arrows!!! And it’s got some writing on it:

“Sure hope this lands where I want it to!”

[sup]I’d say it was a direct hit![/sup]


Any and as many ladies cares to be the valintine of a 15 year old going on 21.(just mentally)

Hmmm tough choice. My very first thought was Polycarp. My second thought was Opalcat.
Then, I thought, uh oh, Byzantine will feel left out as she’s a sweetie, so I say all three (its three for one day!)

Do you think your wife would mind SaintZero? :confused:

Hey, Ender-

You don’t keep track of your sister very well. Just so you know. :smiley:


Hey, what’s this?

:::pulls arrow out of back of head:::

Awwwww, how sweeeeeeeeet! How can I resist?

Okay, I’ll be your Valentine, aha, but I get to have more than one too, okay?

:::whips out crossbow, fires at Eutychus:::

Right now, I’m hoping for the same person that I’m hoping for in real life. But I seriously doubt it’ll happen.

c’est la vie.

racinchikki. :slight_smile:

Join the club on both, my friend.

Upham and Totoro. :smiley: Two of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of talking to.

If only I could visit my intended valentine and see him regularly… it should be worth the wait when I do see him though, 'cause then I might not have to leave him.

Hmmm… I’ll take zyzzyva, if he’ll have me. :slight_smile:

shoots arrow in Tripler’s direction


::shoots arrows in Medea’s Child, Ssskuggiii, and borndodgy’s direction::

I’ve won bow-shooting tourneys, so I’d BETTER as hell be right on…