Sea Turtle Stickers?

In the past month or two, I’ve been seeing vehicles with various arrangements of sea turtle stickers on the back window. Some are just one big turtle, and some are groups.

Is there any significance to these beyond the driver saying “I like turtles!”? eg: might these be a variant of those silly and dangerous* stick-figure families?

  • A would-be kidnapper only has to look at one of those things, then approach their target saying “Your sister Maria said you should come with me…”

Here’s my explanation of my turtles from an earlier thread. I don’t have names below them, however. I agree, it’s a security thing.

Eh- it’s the next cool thing for families, usually (but not always) driven by the kids. I like the ones that are flip-flops, although I don’t ever stick things on my car…

But I would never allow my kids’ names to be on anything- you are just making it easy for someone to have an opening with them. “Hey Jason, I’m a friend of your mom’s, remember me? I’m John. Anyway, she asked me to…” You get the idea.

Having their names on the outside of their lunches, bookbags, luggage, etc, is equally stupid.

Putting a Honu sticker on your car is fairly popular among people who live in Hawaii. Kukui nut leis and gourd helmets on the rear view mirror are also popular. There are a lot of little cultural trends that are unique to folks from the islands.

Since moving to California 7 years ago, I’ve seen a steady rise in the number of transplanted kama’aina. L&L Plate lunch places are springing up like mushrooms. I’ve seen more Hawaii related decals and decorations. The hula halaus I know of have had increasing numbers of students. One on occasion, I heard someone speak actual pigin!

I think the honu stickers are a subconscious way of having car solidarity and bringing a little slice of home to California. I think the numbers of kama’aina finally got high enough that non-kama’aina saw the honu design, liked it, and started immitating it.

Pretty awesome, really.