Search Engine Blues

Not flaming anybody, and I know there’s no point in putting this in the “About This Message Board” board (is that a redundancy?), but every time I run the search engine, no matter on what, it gives me a list having nothing to do with my search object that appears to be made up of threads that are kellibelli’s most recent posts!

Figure that one out!

It’s a communist conspiracy.

Seriously, Poly, the search engine is a total screw up.

I gave up on it. When I want to find something, I just drill.

If I don’t find it within ten minutes, I give up.

I’m with Wally.


It used ta work. Somebunny fix it! Puhleeze?

The latest “upgrade” has a lot of bugs in it. Surprise, surprise. I don’t know when the next upgrade comes out, but I’m not holding my breath.

This upgrade is for the software that runs the SDMB, it’s not something that the SD tech staff can do anything about.

I wish I had better news for you…and this SHOULD have been in “About This Message Board”.

Lynn/SDStaff Lynn
For the Straight Dope

By the way…the UBBS is about the BEST web message board system…you don’t even want to know how the others work!

Lynn/SDStaff Lynn

Lynn, I know you guys are already doing all you can, so I just unloaded, largely for the humor value of getting kellibelli’s posts (no matter how irrelevant to the topic I’m supposedly searching for) as the response. I thought regulars (especially kelli) would get a kick out of it.

Oh, and you might get a kick out of a quote from a coworker at a former job, after the second buggy software upgrate we’d bought:

Buggy software? Is that for designing rubber bumpers?