Seasonal Threads - a modest proposal

I just opened the “Should you lie to your children about Santa” thread in GD, and got a feeling of deja vu - except I had been here before, nearly every year.

I have nothing against these inevitable threads (Super Bowl and Oscar threads are similar) but I propose we begin a list of inevitable yearly threads, decide on a start date for them, and get volunteers to kick them off. We should try to avoid letting anyone start the thread early, but it would be fine for threads to start in anticipation of the yearly thread.

My inspiration for this is the yearly thread in one of the Bell Labs internal newsgroups about the propriety of hanging Christmas decorations at work. After five years or so of the argument happening every year, posts appeared anticipating the start of the argument, which kicked off with much of the fanfare of opening day of baseball season. It became a tradition, and I think we need more traditions here.