"Secret Meaning" behind a gift?

This may seem like a trite request into getting some insight on human psychology, and I know I’m not a regular poster here, but bear with me … it’s a pretty simple question that I’d just like to get some opinions on. First, some dramatic expository. I know, I know, everyone hates it, but it’s necessary for some background. :slight_smile:

I recently received a gift from a former girlfriend who I still maintain contact with. We’ve mutually agreed to be friends, even though I’d much rather it be more. She’s quite easily labelled as a bitch because she’s so stubborn, dogmatic about her beliefs, and doesn’t talk directly about what’s on her mind – instead choosing to hint at things and give mixed psychological signals, whether about a conversational topic or our friendship. Lately she’s been pretty forward with the physical flirtations when we see each other every few weeks … nudges, pokes, pinches, etc. We still have good times as friends but those moments make me unsure of how to act or respond. I just play it up and go along with it so as to not turn it into an awkward moment between us. I like to keep things lighthearted so as to not put either of us in an uncomfortable moment.

Moving on, she gave me this gift as a souvenir from a trip she went on recently. She’s never really given me any gifts, so it came as a surprise. Not an expensive gift by any means, but she is the type (like I said) to have a hidden meaning or motive behind the subtle things she does. The gift was nothing more than a primitive wooden fork and spoon bound in twine (she went to the Dominican Republic). Initially, I thought it was a cute gift – it’s the thought that counts, right? – and didn’t give it a second thought. I looked at them again today and it occurred to me that there may be a message hidden in this gift. The first thing that sprang to my mind was “does she want me to ask her to a nice dinner?” Sure, we’ve had “dinner dates” several times since we agreed to be “just friends”, but this gift seems oddly suggestive.

I apologize for all the personal drama, I don’t really like typing it much more than anyone really enjoys reading it, and maybe I’m looking too far into this … but she’s the only girl I still love to spend time with because she never ceases to surprise me with her unpredictably bittersweet edge. She’s never really been this forward since we parted ways, so I can’t help but wonder. I’m only trying to figure this out because I know her well enough to know that she must have some ulterior motive! Maybe she’s waiting for my reaction? Waiting to see if I got the hint? Anyone else agree, disagree, or just think I’m being an idiot and wasting my time giving this any thought? :smiley:

Either way, I’d welcome any psychological or personal insight.

Thanks for reading,

She wants you. bad. :wink:

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