See Esprix!

Finally uploaded quite a few pictures to my new online photo album. Come take a look! :smiley:

I’m liking Fotki. $30 a year for unlimited photo storage space - that’s a damn good deal!


Q is going away? I haven’t been keep up with your LJ. Is something going on? Will he be back?

So, which ones are of YOU?

Getting a little fresh with Tiger Woods, aren’t you? He didn’t look like he minded, though.

Q is being/has been shipped cross-country.

Gaaaah, he went to Pennsic, I’m so JEALOUS!

Q graduated from lab tech school and was assigned to the armpit of Maryland for the next 3 years. We’re trying the long distance thing for a few months to see if we can handle it; otherwise, I’m moving there. In either case we’ll be settling in San Diego once he’s out.


The ever-so-cute (non-Pinoy) one. :wink:

There are pics of me in the Disneyland and Vegas trip folders.


Oh, I didn’t mind, either. Now if I only could have done that when I saw him from my office while he was playing the Buick Invitational… rowr!


Um, I go every year, and this year will be my 15th. I run the Clan Blue Feather encampment every year.



Why are you doing Heimlich on Tiger Woods? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that what you crazy kids are calling it these days?


Honey, you gotta caption your photos!

Are you the cutie in the black T-shirt with the cutie in the burgundy T-shirt?

Um, I do caption my photos. Try this one:

Underneath it says, “Quincy and me at LYC coffee.”



oooh, you’re both adorable—and so wholesome and squeaky-clean looking!

Whoa. Did I just catch a hint that there could be some Esprix in the MAD future? This Charm City gig might work out after all!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sweet! Wish I could go, and run a camp, every year…but I’m way out in Caid, so that involves shipping my armor out there, not to mention that it’ll take me about 5 years to save up the vacation time!

[slight hijack] Also, I’ve always wanted to meet a Blue Feather (I’m an Ally), but it seems like all the gay males I know (especially the fighters) are deeply closeted, and the lesbians don’t belong to the group. Maybe the Canton of the Canyons doesn’t have many active members? Know anybody out this way that’s attending Potrero War at the end of this month? [/slight hijack]

Squeaky clean hotties.

Good luck with the cross country relationship thingie.

But that waxed statue of Brad Pitt makes him look like a cross between Ahnold and Val Kilmer. And Oprah’s was done during a thin-period of her life. I cannot recall her ever being that thin.

No, not for me it didn’t, anyway.

Just think - those handsome exteriors hide the souls of two wonderful pervs. :smiley: