Ask the Gay Guy's Housemates

Well, I’ve never been one to avoid stirring up a little trouble (have I, Esprix?), so I thought I’d start a thread where anyone who’s been insatiably curious about what Esprix is like in “real life” can finally have their questions answered. Same basic rules as the “Ask The Gay Guys” threads. I’ll even be nice and allow Esprix to defend himself from anything his housemates might say (though we’ll wink knowingly and nod… :slight_smile:

So, though I expect the volume on this thread to be light, let the questions begin!


DO NOT FEED the Gay Guy’s housemates.

Especially not after midnight… :-0

Hm, what has Esprix been saying about us. Must go researching.


No offense, but if you’d pay a little more attention to the forum descriptions, you’d probably see that this is more of an MPSIMS type of thread than a GD one. And welcome to the Straight Dope.

I’ll take your word for it (can I move it), but I figured since Esprix’s posts were in GD that this thread would be appropriate here as well. Mea Culpa, and thanks for pointing that out.


Dear Gay Guy’s Housemates:

Does the Gay Guy leave the toilet seat up, and/or leave the cap off the toothpaste?

Hold on, let me go check…

How disappointing, closed and closed. He must have known I would be checking.

Nah, he’s pretty tidy, even if he has enough stuff in the bathroom for three. It’s a good thing he has a bathroom all to himself!


Dear Dear Gay Guy’s Housemates:

Okay, boxers or briefs?

Does he accepted the Invisible Pink Unicorn as the TRUE savior of the world?


Or is it boxer-briefs?

Have any of you ever had sex with him, and if so, how could I obtain a copy of the video?

Oh, the pain, THE PAIN!!! Do not make me think of Esprix in his underwear! You are a cruel and evil person!

Okay, there are some questions that are too much for me to bear and therefore will not be answered.

Esprix in his underwear… SHUDDER!


I would have to answer “no” to this one. After what he did to the fairies and kitties that were beautifully painted on the bedroom walls amidst a field of bright pink, I would have to say he has it out for cute pink things…

I could be wrong though.


I have one thing to say to that:


I’m going to have to have a long lie-down after that image.

Feeling woozy, might puke.


Dear Dear Gay Guy’s Housemates:

Have you ever had one of Esprix’s dates hiding in the bathroom while another of his dates was knocking on the front door?

[sub]It happened to me when I had a roomate…I always resented her because she asked me to lie for her.[/sub]

Mercy! Someone has issues!


ACk! I lied - he’s not my housemate, he’s a troll! Sock puppet! Delete him and all his posts immediately! ACK!


I am undone…


No, that has not happened… YET!

However, we almost never meet Esprix’s dates, as they all rush out of the house as quickly as possible. Esprix claims it’s because they’re too shy, or something about the “walk of shame.” Buy my theory has more to do with the quality of the visit…



You know, when I moved out here, JOhn was shy, and quiet, and easily shockable. Methinks I’ve had too bad an influence on him.


Yeah! And I wish he had left them behind when he moved out here from Pennsylvania!