Self-evident Notices

I’m sitting here in one of the computer labs at uni (yeh, I’m studying orright), and I glanced down at the keyboard to see a little sticker with:

For comfortable and safe use, please read the Safety and Comfort Guide.

Oh, der Fred!!

Anybody got others that are so blindingly obvious or stupid…you know, like ‘Take Care When Crossing Intersection’ etc.

I saw this one today on a tube of Benadryl cream…

“For external use only”

Now, granted, they also make Benadryl pills, but who would be stupid enough to confuse them?!

What about Christmas lights that say “For Indoor or Outdoor use only.”

I guess they want to make sure that we don’t actually imbed them inside the wall, or throw them into the pool or something.
On a can of spray cheese: “For best results, remove cap first.”

Of course, that’s only if you want the best results.:rolleyes:

Whoop Ass (an energy drink made by Jones Soda) has a warning label which reads something like “People who shouldn’t drink this know who they are.” I think it speaks for itself.

The mind boggles iamthewalrus(:3=…what on earth is ‘spray cheese’? Is it really cheese in an aerosol can, and what d’ya do with it? Is it edible? I don’t think we have such groovy things here downunder.

iconoplast, that’s interesting. I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m at the good ol’ 7-11 and get one of those Whoop Ass[sup]TM[/sup] Jones Sodas! Or at the very least, I’ll get my brother to check it out… he has a whole collection of Jones Soda (and other similar beverages) bottles in his room! (which I saved from the bottle recycling depot)