Self Stimulation?

Don’t you wish that sometimes you could mask your identity when posting certain questions?

(I know you don’t care Homer.)

This is one of those questions I’ve wanted an answer to all my life but couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone IRL.

When I was a young tad, while climbing a pole or a tree, I found myself experiencing a rather unique and pleasant feeling centered between my anus and scrotum. The best way I can describe it now is that it was kind of like an orgasm without the expected results. As I recall, this was before I discovered the usual method of self-stimulation.

I do remember that it was something that didn’t happen without some effort but apparently it was worth it because I found myself attempting to climb just about anything, including trees, clothes lines and even the dividers in public restrooms.

Go ahead and have a laugh at my expense, but I really would like to know if anyone else discovered this and more to the point- what was I actually experiencing?

You were massaging your prostate gland. Enjoy!

[Wayne’s World]It makes me feel kinda funny… like when I climb the rope in gym class.[/Wayne’s World]

The same thing happened to me when I was a kid. My preferred…um… method was the backyard jungle gym. So you’re either not a freak, or the two of us need to start a support group. :slight_smile: I have no idea about the biological aspects of it, though.

Wow, I had completely forgotten about this until I read this thread. I used to use my neighbours swing set poles. Or the ropes in gym class. I’d find myself at the top in no time. Luckily I never fell.

::looks, then pauses halfway in:: This is a guy thing, isn’t it? Though it does sound kinda stimulating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should I leave about now?

mm…not quite! Try **perenium **

It’s full of nerve endings. very stimulating for both males and females…or so I’ve been told! :smiley:

Come now, Matt…

Didn’t the playground suddenly attain a little extra attraction for you just before puberty?

God, I tried to find a site that talked about the lonely Perineum- but alas…it’s the desert between oasis :D.

I’m with you all though- as I read this,I remembered vividly for the first time in about 26 years, how I first masturbated. That little bundle of nerves was awfully good to me there for a while.


(for Cartooniverse )

The Perineum

LOL! There’s some stuff even I’ve held back because of embarassment. Tzel and Spoofe, I dunno about those two jokers. :wink:


Hmm… That sounds far preferable to the extreme pain I suffer at that point. Sometimes I’ll jam my foot funny after a short jump, and I’ll experience a piercing pain in what my social group calls the “spab.” It feels like a cross between a bee sting and a really big needle being pushed into me. I sometimes get it when I, uh, strain really hard on the throne. You’re welcome.

oh bugger. You got me there Dean! :smiley:

nah, the truth be known that the Fairy Godmother had some impact on my sexuality!


BTW…for all other dopers.

  1. private joke
    2)*** NOT GAY***

And here I was thinking that it was a gay, public joke. Thanks for setting me straight.

And, FWIW, I never got this sensation from climbing anything, but is still a fun area to have someone explore.

Was that public, or pubic? :smiley:

Bless your heart :D. Best part of that link? The lower left-hand column that says, “PERINEUM- GO THERE”. Guffaw.


“Perineum” sounds so cold and clinical. I prefer the vernacular term (at least for a woman’s perineum) “chin rest.”

Another synonym is “taint.” That’s because t’ain’t quite scrotum, and t’ain’t quite anus.

–Nott, the large

I knew a girl who would do this. Years afterwards, she identified them as being true, very powerful orgasms, and she always missed them longingly. She claimed she would have dozens and dozens of powerful orgasms just over recess, and that for the rest of the day she would just feel sleepy and good. In fact, she would have so many she could not stand or walk for many minutes when she finally wore herself out. :eek:

She lost the ability sometime after puberty. She did try.

Why does this seem REALLY appropriate?


“You were massaging your prostate gland”

Do you know where that is located? I don’t see how it could be rubbed against from the outside, plus it’s pretty small at that age.