Selling animation cels

I have recently acquired some Disney animation cels. That is the original painted artwork used in the making of films. I know these can be fairly valuable, and I’m looking to sell them.

Any advice on finding a dealer to handle the sale? UK, and preferably London area, or close.

I’ve Googled, but all the dealers I’ve found are in USA.

Two peg or five peg, and from what movie?

I don’t know what two peg/ five peg means. Explanation, please.

I’ve got one from Snow White, and several from Cinderella.

Peg holes at the bottom or top of the cell. Early cells had two pegs, latter cells had five. After 1959 there were no hand-painted cells.

I can’t tell, the cels are nicely framed. Peg holes not visible. I’d have to open up the frame to inspect, and that might do damage, which I don’t want to risk.

Are the characters outlined in different colors, or are they all outlined in black?

Looks like black, although a very thin line, ans in some places non-existent.

You might have a publicity cell created after the movie was released. After 1959 Disney used a photocopying process where all the characters were outlined in black.

There are plenty of places that specialize in animation cels. I’ve been getting mailings from Gallery Lainzberg in Iowa (of all places) forever – . I think I even bought a cel from them.

You should be aware that many cels aren’t production cels – they were created for the collector’s market. Even though they are made just like production cels (ones actually used in making a cartoon) they were never intended for this purpose. A lot of Disney and Warners Brother cels are of this type. If they show the character is a characteristic pose, or have them really completely visible, there’s a good chance it’s a collector’s cel.

I have two Warner Brothers cels – one is a “Collector” cel, and obviously made to be one – it’s crammed with characters. That’s OK if you know what it is, and still want it. The other is a production cel of Bugs Bunny, and it’s clearly just that – he’s in the middle of a motion, it’s not whole-body, and it’s not a full front or side view. I like it more for those reasons.

Peter, do they come with Certificates of Authenticity and, if so, who issued them?
Also, if you have access to the original movies you can see if the scene your cells depict are actually in the movies.

I know there are plenty of places, it’s just that all the ones I’ve found are in USA. I live in London, England, and have not been able to find a place near me.

The Snow White cel does, issued by Courvoisier Galleries.

Any ideas?

The Royal College of Art has an animation department, and I am betting they would have the answer you seek.

Follow up. I’ve found a place to sell. My items will be in the next sale.

Posted because @CalMeacham or @Czarcasm or others might be curious to see them. Not really expecting to get any bids from Dopers. NB - the thread has been moved to Marketplace, so the links are not breaking any SDMB rules.

Snow White bakes a pie.

Cinderella in wedding dress.

Duke and Ugly Sister.

Sleeping Beauty walks in the woods.

Sleeping Beauty Prince Phillip and Samson the horse.

Thanks for sharing.

They’re gorgeous cels, with appropriate backgrounds. A lot of the ones I’ve seen depict less-than-optimal views. There are necessarily a lot of these, because there are more intermediate motions and cases where the subject is not facing forward or is not front-and-center,. But these are all prime images.

So, where did you go to authenticate them?

The auction house that’s selling them also authenticated them.

If I had the money, I’d be going for all of them. I still may put in a bid for the “Prince Phillip” cell.