Semi-Anti-Valentine's Day thread

While I’m not particularly anti-Valentine’s right now, this did strike me as funny:

The Worst Things That Could Happen On Valentine’s Day (from Buzzfeed). Check out #9, especially who is providing the musical selections…

Hahaha! I liked “Bitch you is fine…”

We had reservations at our favorite Italian place that we made last spring because you have to make them that early. It’s very romantic, fantastic food, extensive wine list, overlooks Lake Superior, etc. We canceled because Friday happened to be the only day for the rest of the month that Children’s could fit our baby in for an MRI.

So we’ll probably have a late lunch in the hospital cafeteria or from a vending machine or something while the baby’s either in the tube or in recovery, and then we have to stop at his parents’ to pick up the toddler and then my girlfriend’s house to pick up the oldest and we’ll probably wind up popping a pizza in the oven when we finally make it back home.

I’m not sure this fits with this thread, but it doesn’t seem good enough for it’s own thread. But Valentine’s Day over here has long been THE day for young lovers to take the plunge and pop their cherry. Really. The ubiquitous short-time hotels say they do a roaring teenage trade on Valentine’s Day night, as do taxi drivers who say they take more drunken young lovers to short-time hotels than on any other night.

And the custom is spreading to Cambodia now too.

There have been violence and even riots in India on Valentine’s Day perpetuated by those fundamentalist Hindus who are radically anti-Western and would beat up any young couples they deemed showing too much affection on that day. Here’s an example.

In the news:

The big storms and freezing weather in the eastern part of the country are clobbering all the florists this happy valentines day. They either can’t get enough flowers because they’re all frozen in the snow, or the delivery trucks can’t move the flowers.

Article in Washington Post

I saw an ad on TV yesterday that suggested you show your lady how big your love is by giving her a 4’ tall teddy bear. Really?? :rolleyes: Has anyone ever seen a commercial where a woman gives her man *any *kind of gift?? “He went to Jared” but apparently she never does… :rolleyes:

We went out for a burger last night and my husband suddenly realized “Is tomorrow Valentine’s Day?” I laughed. That’s how much we care about this silliness. As far as I’m concerned, V-Day should be reserved for kids (Halloween, too.) Let them exchange silly cards and chalky candy hearts. Adults should know better. Seriously.

The picture you have painted of South East Asia over the years seems truly horrific to me. I don’t know what you see in it.

Anyhoo. Being a terminally single guy, I try my best to ignore Valentine’s Day. But I can’t, because it’s inescapably in my face every year. And I wish it would just go away.

This IS what love’s about.

I woke my wife this morning with a cup of coffee and the following:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I didn’t get
A card for you

She said “Aww, that’s nice” and I said “It could be worse” and read her the Bitch You Is Fine poem.

Also, I’ll go ahead and throw this one out there.

Old 97’s - Valentine

As proof of my further descent into crazy cat ladyhood, I am looking forward to curling up tonight with the felines, my sewing, and a few non-mushy movies.

I did forget to buy TheKid a card - oops - I must take care of that this morning.

Really? Huh. Guess you’ve never been to West Texas. Now THAT’S horrific. But maybe Thailand is an acquired taste, dunno. And it sure is nice with no snow.

To expand on that, I remember at least one Valentine’s Day when some TV station vowed to stake out the short-time hotels and bust in on any teenage couples they saw going in. The police were going to do the stormtrooper bit, then the young lovers would be shamed on national TV as a moral lesson to others. But I don’t think they ever followed through on that, not sure. The police probably would have told the TV station to get lost.

When I saw that, I was thinking more about what woman would want a 4’ tall teddy bear? I’m sure that some small percentage of women would appreciate it, but the vast majority would be annoyed by having to deal with this giant stuffed animal and finding a place to put it.

That is a good point though about men never getting anything for Valentine’s in commercials. It is kinda weird or infantalizing how commercials show that men have to placate their women with material goods. Ideally the holiday would become less commercial, but barring that it’d be nice to see Valentine’s Day as a thing the couple celebrates together, doing things for one another.

Actually after typing that out now it makes me wonder why that hasn’t caught on with advertisers. It seems like it would double or at least increase sales if women were expected to buy their men gifts for Valentine’s, just like men are expected to buy their women gifts.

My husband has been on a business trip all week, and was hoping to get home today. Not happening. He worked till 11 last night, got a few hours sleep and was planning to get up at 3 a.m. to finish his work so he could catch a few more hours sleep and make the nine-hour drive home. But when he got up at 3, things were too snowy and windy to work (he does technical testing, sometimes in extreme weather). So no dice. He called me at 6:45 while I was driving to work to say he wouldn’t be home today.

That’s OK. I’d rather have him driving when he’s well rested and coming home safely, and it isn’t as if we could go to a fancy restaurant without a reservation anyway. When I got to work, my co-workers are asking how I plan to “make him make it up to me” and asking what I plan to do (?) about this infraction.
I think I’ll take a picture of the dog and post it on Facebook. Captions?

“It’s a bitch you’re not here for Valentine’s Day!”
No, maybe not.

Based on the theme of the commercials, they’re assuming we’re all aware of what she’s supposed to give in return. Sometimes the give-her-a-sparkly-or-she-won’t-put-out commercials annoy me so much my TV is in mortal danger. :rolleyes:

Oh good lord. :rolleyes:

I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s stupid and meaningless. I love my fiance with every fiber of my being. I am confident he feels the same about me. I don’t want or need him to waste money on stupid little gifts.

He isn’t going to be home tonight because he has to be at work at 5am tomorrow, at a location 2.5 hours from home. So, he got a hotel room. Various people were horrified that he’d consider doing such a thing to me on Valentine’s Day. I see it as an opportunity to spend the night watching really bad horror movies and eating junk food. :smiley:
He brings me coffee in bed without me having to ask for it. That’s better than flowers and jewelry any day of the year.

I saw one for Macy’s jewelry where the guy was at the jewelry counter picking something out. Pan to his wife on the stairs with binoculars giving him the thumbs up. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

What they assume men want you can’t show on TV. Yet.
I gave my wife a squash cookbook to help deal with our abundance during the summer, and she gave me two puzzles from the thrift store. We are romantic more than once a year.

We didn’t even get that because the baby didn’t go in until almost 2 o’clock and, for reasons I can’t imagine, the cafeteria closes for the whole rest of the day at 1:15 pm. So we wound up eating nothing - I passed on the $3 PB&J offered by the coffee shop - until way after the fact when we stopped at our second favorite (distant, distant 2nd…) Mexican place. We got a few dirty looks, probably because we had a baby with us on one of the biggest child-free date nights of the year. He’s an awesome baby anyway and had been previously sedated on top of it, so we didn’t bother anybody.

I got a burrito that was smothered in red sauce on one end and avocado sauce on the other with a dollop of sour cream in the middle and, when I was like “Heh, Mexican flag…” to my husband, the food runner started talking to me like a 2 year old who just went on the big potty all by herself: “YES! Good job! That’s EXACTLY what it’s SUPPOSED to look like!!” I half expected her to pat me on the head and offer me an M&M.

It occurred to me as she walked away how much funnier it could have been if I’d been like, “but… why Italy :confused:” instead.

“No, no, honey. Look at the garnish there in the sour cream. See?? MEXICO!”