Sen. Larry Craig, jayjay, and another confirming report

I must admit that I read jayjay’s enlightening thread about the(first person account) of behavior of gays in restrooms. But, I didn’t follow it much after the first week. If any info I post here has been posted before, I apologize.

A confirming opinion about Sen. Craig(IMHO) is to be read today at,0,3649716.story, written by an admitted gay man.

If this covers previously done to death posts, a mod can close it.

He’s gay, and he admitted it? Amazing!

I"m not sure if you’re criticizing me?

Little bit, yeah. Not a lot. “Admitted” isn’t really an appropriate term. It carries a negative connotation. “Openly gay” or, in this instance, just “gay,” suffices.

Thanks for the enlightenment. I sometimes post, when drinking a lot, without thinking. :slight_smile:

Filed away for future reference. Thanks, again.

So “Confessed Sodomite” is right out, then?

Honey please, “confessed sodomite” is sooo pre-Lawrence v. Texas!

So um, yeah, sorry about kinda massively hijacking your thread here, sam.

I like “confirmed cocksucker”. It has that alliteration thing going for it.

he’s so gay, that gay airplanes use him as a navigation beacon.

Is he gayer than a picnic basket?

Do gay airplanes admit that they’re gay?

I’m sick of these fatherfcking gays on this fatherfcking gay airplane.

Trouser Snakes on a Plane?

How about “convicted gay”?

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Wow, you sounded just like Samuel Gay Jackson.

Well, that’s gay.

Yes. Not only that, but he’s gayer than a box of birds, and gayer than a leather piñata. Whether he’s gayer than a french horn is still undetermined. He probably NOT gayer than 8 guys blowing 9 guys. That’s pretty fucking gay, and a difficult level to attain, I understand.

Nobody has admitted that yet.

I am not gay!

I’m somewhat gleeful, though.