Sequential Anatomy - Dilute OK!

**Tell me about switching to Dvorak
The tyranny of the two handed majority

**The largest and most effective terrorist organization in the world is:
WAMU: White Men Get the Last Laugh?

**Nuts. I may have been poisoning myself in the past year.

Effect of alcohol on the human body

Pat my Dog!
Dr. Patti Taylor, you might want to try a stock photo

On CNN’s home page:

**Nothing worse than seeing your kid put in hearse
WBAL: Kids’ corpses found in freezer **

Okay, maybe one thing.

** I’d Bet This Would Make One Hell of a Cool Cat Toy

Now that it’s cooler…how about an Arizona/Phoenix dopefest?

It’ll take more than a Cat Toy to make it that cool.

** Go to first new post What movies are you watching?
Movies so stupid that they literally drain off IQ points as you watch**

It’s a Troma-thon!

Psitt right down and tell me about your bird(s)
I’d Bet This Would Make One Hell of a Cool Cat Toy

Pat my Dog!
**A Death in the Family. (sad) **

One of these things is not like the other…

How did the credit crunch start?
Canadian and American coins

No…I don’t think that’s it.

**Rainy Days make me…

The answer: Banana Oreos
The question: What do bugs taste like?

**What are/should banks/markets do to avoid failure?
If the economy collapses…
California’s new underage prostitute law.

Why do Klingons suck at fighting?
Perfect last lines.

More like ‘famous last words’, perhaps…

**Nature in your backyard: Photo extravaganza!
Sunbathing topless not recommended for fatty and not pretty women **

I disagree but that’s just me.