Sequential Thread Titles III: Revenge of the Pit

Oh, is your leg broken? (Elevator-abuse rant)
What am I, a maid? (tame and lame)

In General Questions:

How do they answer the phones in other languages?
Red clover, phytoestrogen, and cattle abortions

Here in MPSIMS

**Pulitzer update. Sniff. Sniff.

that was fish odor… **

Farting when you are about to make love.

that was fish odor…

Another Rant About The Insensitivity of Women’s Undergarment Manufacturers
Canned Peas
A living bra joke

From the Pit:

What the hell is with baby clothes
Smoking, Arghhhhh!



Odd things that freak you out.
Farting when you are about to make love

Currently in MPSIMS…

What’s in your GT4 Gararge?
Not a Sausage

…and some ones I’ve seen recently, but not posted:


Help me identify the monster in my driveway
Key West prosecutor streaks into wrong car.


**I once mistakenly believed…
“The Big Bang is a Fake: I Can Prove It”

Poweriser jumping boots
Roller Skates, Blades, and other ways to break your arm

Jobs where you work alone…
Working at home (on the internet)**

The Pit

Hey, you! Yeh, you in the white SUV!
I am so tough I stop my car in the road to FISTFIGHT GRRR TOUGH!

So There’s Probably A Warrant For My Arrest Out There Now
I’m gonna be in Toronto next weekend

[well, i’ll just call the mounties to set up an appointment!]

**Farting when you are about to make love
Well, I’m now ripe for mockery **

The Pit:

**My kid got hit at school.

Which part of ‘War Zone’ don’t you understand? **

** What’s the most embarassing thing anyone’s ever caught you doinig? ** Views: 69

MPSIMS again:

Mommy, why is Jesus sucking face with Shirley Temple?

Steak and BJ Day

Ducks into necrophilia – who ever would have known?

I always miss the good stuff…

A rare MPSIMS trifecta:

Isn’t Martha Stewart just cool?
Odd things that freak you out
My cellphone just survived a 10 story plunge

It might be slightly more amusing in the opposite order;

**Oh my god, there’s an axe in my head!

Random things in my head right now **

Or even

Oh my god there’s an axe in my head
Not A Sausage
No,it’s an axe.Trust me :smiley:


So I’m dressing up as a woman on Tuesday…
Are you a stander or a sitter?

That’s gotta be one of the best sequential thread titles ever.

Overheard at one of my family reunions…

Middle TN dopers unite!
Oh my god, there’s an axe in my head!

MPSIMS have over the night provided these two gems

Something unexplained that recently happened to you
Oh my god,there’s an axe in my head!

Something unexplained that recently happened to you
Wet,naked and sprawled on the bathroom floor

There Are No Atheists On This Board

Atheist, dammit! Atheist!

bet that can’t happen too often!